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Did you know, your attractiveness, possessions, and wealth does not make you stand out? Your knowledge does.

In our day-to-day activities, we do a lot, and whatever we do, we certainly have to know what we’re doing in order to get whatever done, and done right. That’s why we learn. You might think that learning is only limited to the school, but it isn’t.

So, do you wish to learn more, get smarter, boost your IQ, and enlighten your mind with knowledge everyday? Then, learn more from The Factionary.

What Is The Factionary?

The Factionary is an online e-learning media designed to assist online users with the desire to learn about facts and ideas every day. The Factionary is engineered to provide educational content purposely meant for people to learn about and also interact with.

Our online e-learning platform provides basic facts and concepts in our day-to-day affairs that mostly elude us, and only research would make them available.

Unfortunately, not everyone (especially you) is into serious research and studies. That’s what The Factionary is meant to help you with — the opportunity to also learn about these interesting stuff that are deeply hidden in the minds of professors, who are just good at confusing people with their terms.

Fortunately enough, The Factionary breaks down these studies and research into every day lay-man terms for you to understand and join in the fun of learning.

What Do I Learn On The Factionary?

The Factionary provide content about all topics, concepts and subject areas: think of Amazing PlacesAnatomy & PhysiologyAstronomyHistoryPeople & PlacesPsychologyScience & TechnologyWildlife, and so much more that will just trill your intellectual delight.

We dissect the facts and issues from these subjects and topics into readily readable articles for your reading pleasure, (and sometimes too, videos). The Factionary features related article and videos (in some cases audio) about the facts and issues that will posted on the website and app.

What Can I Do With The Factionary?

Coming soon! Stay tuned!

Why Do I Learn From The Factionary?

If you’re now wondering what to even learn, that’s a good thought.

You certainly know about some facts already, and if we’re to ask you about a few stuff, you’ll not be so novice as if you don’t know a thing or two. Just as you read and understand these words is just evidence that you already know something, and based on that prior knowledge, you understand what you read.

In our day-to-day lives, we consistently learn as we interact with the world around us. There is not a single point in time we don’t learn about something. And just as you read this article, you’re going to learn a thing or two by the time you’re done.

This proves that as a matter of fact, we’re learning all the time as we go about life, but we think learning is boring and ever since completing school, we’ve abandon our books as if they were our worse nightmares. 

The Factionary is just like any ordinary e-learning site on the internet, but what is going to make us unique is not because we’re different from the rest, but its going to be because of you. Yes, you our dear audience. So say it with us.

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Written by: Factionary Staff


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