You change your voice whenever you’re talking to someone you find attractive.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. That golden moment you get the chance to talk to your crush. And spoiler: that awkward moment when you suddenly pitch your voice trying to impress your crush but having a hard time being yourself. Oh boy! It seems the pitch of someone’s voice may give you a subtle clue as to how they feel about the conversation. That’s why you often try as much as possible to tinder your voice, huh? According to research, you change your voice whenever you’re talking to someone you find attractive — and that’s all right.

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Hello There

In a 2010 study published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, people subconsciously tweak the pitch of their voice whenever they’re chatting with someone they find attractive. Obviously! This is common among both heterosexual men and women, they tend to lower the pitch of their voices if they find someone quite attractive. (Imagine the sound of … and … chatting it up and you get the idea).

“There is a body of evidence to suggest that individuals manipulate their voices when speaking to different people and in different situations,” according to the study.

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For instance, you’re more likely going to alter the tone of your voice when telling a lie to your boo. (Please don’t lie, though). Although the researchers hypothesized that men are more likely going to tone down their voice whereas women are going to raise the pitch of their voice when talking to someone they find attractive (as men with lower voices and women with higher voices are seen as desirable by the opposite sex). The catch? That wasn’t the case. How weird!

Nice To Meet You

That’s counterintuitive to what you thought, but that’s consistent with other studies. Also in a 1979 study, for instance, participants were asked to mimic a “sexy voice.” Huh? To pull off this stunt, both men and women were tempted to tone down the pitch of their voices — with the women lowering the pitch of their voices even further than the men did.

According to the study, “this suggests that the motivation to display a sexy/seductive female voice may conflict with the motivation to sound more feminine and/or reproductively fit.”

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Besides your voice changing, being around someone you perceive as attractive can affect you in plenty of ways.

Its A Pleasure

What do we mean by “attractiveness?” They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Simple enough! However, this SciShow video sums up beauty scientifically rather than the stereotypical conventional “very sexy” intuition. Intrinsically, beauty seem to be a body language that conveys the information about your physical health.

From a darwinist perspective, finding a healthy partner ensures that your genes survive, and that’s our main evolutionary objective as a species. In other words, when someone starts speaking at you tenderly that you find attractive, its just a polite way of (wait for it…) natural selection.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Mon, Jun 10, 2019.


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