There’s an electromagnetic field that holds you together, but it’s way different than you think.

Have you ever wondered what you are really made of? And, have you ever encountered someone — probably a psychic — who said your aura is weak, and you’re somehow electromagnetic? Don’t worry. There are answers to the first question, but the second one, that’s quite complicated you know. Your body has an electromagnetic field held together by atoms. This is a tough one to understand. Let’s digest this by understanding some atomic chemistry with physics.


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If There’s A Field, You’d Find A Way

You probably know about your anatomy, that you’re made up of a body, systems, organs, tissues, and cells; and cells are made up of atoms, right? Atoms are the last pieces you are made up of. Atoms are basically empty spaces — if you’re not aware. Let’s take a quick crash course of atoms. An atom is an unimaginably tiny particle of matter with an unimaginably tiny nucleus inside it. How tiny? Well, very tiny.

If you scale up the nucleus of an atom into the size of a marble, the farthest electron orbiting the nucleus would be about a football field away, roughly 106 meters (360 feet). Between the nucleus and the electrons of the atoms is a wide space in between them. That’s a whole lot of space in between atoms. So then, why don’t atoms pass through each other considering the vast amount of space in between them? And as a matter of fact, why don’t everything pass through everything?

This is because an atom has an electric field surrounding it. But the electric field is not produced by the electrons’ negative charge repelling each other. This is far more complicated than just the exchange of energy.


The Electron Rollercoaster


The electrons of a nucleus are not smoothly orbiting it as we always depict in our chemistry books. They orbit the nucleus in a cloud of varying quantum probabilities — like anyhow they choose to orbit it — each having certain levels of energy or orbital at set distances from the nucleus. An electron can switch it’s orbital to another which requires an exchange of energy.

In addition, the Pauli exclusion principle states that any one orbital of an atom can only contain a certain number of electrons at a time. What that means is, two entities cannot occupy the same place at the same time. That’s so not possible. And as a result the electrons being brought so close together coordinate some sort of dance.

Enthusiastically, an answer on Quora by physics grad Jack Frazer, which was later published on Forbes, explained this electron dance never lets anything from ever touching anything else. Beginning with this intriguing statement:

“I want you to imagine me punching you hard, in the nose.”

Now, considering this awful yet hypothetical face-punching scenario, the electrons of the atoms in his fist are pushed into the space of the electrons of the atoms into the nose of the person being punched, (not me though).


The Electron Magic

The electrons of his face are already occupying a low state of energy that orbits close to the atoms’ respective nuclei. What this also means is, if the electrons of his fist are set to occupy the electric cloud of the atoms of the person being punched face, they will have to switch into a higher state of energy, or higher orbital farther away from the center.

But there is a problem, the energy required to push all the electrons out of the orbital in his fist has to come from somewhere, where? It’s a whole lot more complicated than the human body can handle. So instead, the atoms have to repel each other as they always.

“This repulsion obviously then causes a chain reaction with all the other atoms in your face,” as Fraser explains. “They all repel in unison from my fist (that’s why your nose doesn’t atomize into trillions of atoms!).”

This is the most incredible thing: the fist and the face never technically touch during the entire interaction.

“Not only is it possible that the human body creates EM [electromagnetic] fields — it is the only way you can possibly exist as a coherent entity!” Fraser concludes. “You are an electric field — a giant electric field which holds your atoms together, and which uses other electric fields to talk to other bits of yourself.”

That sounds really amazing than auras.


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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Tue, Dec 25, 2018.


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