The world’s dirtiest man hasn’t bathed in over 60 years; you’ll never want him as a friend.

Warning: The article you’re about to read contains sensitive information that could be disgusting. Reader discretion is advised.

What if you don’t take a bath for a day, how does your friends treat you? You’re dirty, stink of sweat, and all sort of nasty stuff will people say at you. What about a week or month of not taking a bath? Oops! They’ll never want to be around you again cause of your filthy body, odor, and the fact that you are hosting a lot of disease-causing microbes all over you. You’ll surely take a bath and avoid all this, but that’s not the case for one exceptional man. Dear friends, meet Amou Haji.

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I’m The World’s Dirtiest

Amou Haji is an 80-year-old (or older) man who completely lives in isolation in the village of Dejgah, in the southeastern province of Fars, Iran. He claims that “cleanliness brings him sickness” and does not bath at all. For over 60 years, its alleged that he hasn’t taken a bath. That’s really weird.

He hates coming into contact with water, and even the suggestion of taken a bath totally irritates him. What if its raining? That’s his worst nightmare. He’s been avoiding to bath for a very long time so he looks like the soil. He has almost blended with the surroundings, and in fact, you would easily mistaken him for a rock or a boulder if he happens to be sleeping.

Image: Tehran Times

Haji does not only hates bathing or washing, but also anything clean and fresh. He has a disgust with eating fresh food and drinking clean water. Rather, he prefers eating rotten carcasses of dead animals and drinking water from one large rusty oil barrel normally besides him. He’s one heck of a filthy creature. 

I’m Not Cleanin’ Out My Closet

Not only does he hates fresh water and food, but enjoys amusing himself with any filthy things that he comes into contact with. He likes to fill up his smoking pipe with dried feces of animals and smoke all day long. There is an old war helmet he wears to keep his head warm during the winter. Thinking of getting a haircut, he just uses an open flame to burn his hair and beard off. Now that’s a “filth-novation.”

Haji does not have an apartment if you thought he did. The Earth is his home he claims — so that’s a real big estate he has. He virtually lives anywhere he wants. In holes, pits, gutters to keep him “grounded” as he claims. Fortunately, out of a pity, the village folks constructed an open brick shack for him, in which he sometimes sleep.

Dirtiness Is Next To Loneliness

Amou Haji is really a man to pity about. He has no family and friends, even if he does, he’s utterly abandoned. Nobody visits him and he’s just left out alone all by himself. That’s really depressing. His name was given to him by the local folks. The term ‘Amou’ is a Farsi word that means an endearment for such a kind of old man. 

His kind of life is really strange, you’d easily think he’s a lunatic for all purpose, but the villagers claim that he once suffered severe emotional consequences when he was a young man, and maybe that’s why he lives with such a bizarre nature. Hmmm! It’s a pity.

After all this, he seems to be much more of a happier person than most people who live in luxury. He does not care about the world as most people do — he has nothing to lose, and nothing to gain.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Mon, Jan 07, 2019.


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