The red juicy fluid that comes forth from your steak is a form of protein, it’s not blood.

If you’re a meat lover, pay attention to this article and read carefully; if you’re vegan, do so, and probably advise your steak feasting friends. We’re going to talk about the liquid that oozes out of raw red meat that resembles blood. Meat lovers might find this unappetizing, but it’s actually just a mixture of water and a protein called myoglobin — it’s safe for your consumption.

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I’m Myoglobin, Nice To Meat You

Myoglobin is a red protein-based substance that contains haem — an iron-based compound that forms the non-protein part of hemoglobin. It’s role is to help carry and store oxygen in muscle cells. It is structurally similar to a subunit of hemoglobin. It has a naturally red color which you often associate with blood, but it isn’t. Myoglobin sure does resemble blood and usually gets darkened when it is exposed to heat. This is essentially why more “well-done” steak no longer looks red or “bloody,” despite still containing the myoglobin.

Oh! It’s An Appetite

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This creates the misconception “the steak is not properly cooked,” and that why more people say they order their steaks medium rare. But when it comes to actually ordering, only 25.8 percent of people follow through. The most popular order is medium, with 37.5 percent making it their choice. While some people are put off by the idea of “blood” in their cooked food, many commercial meat packers treat raw steaks with carbon monoxide to keep the red color, because many grocery shoppers associate the color red in raw beef with freshness.

Why Don’t You Meat Me There

It is also worth noting that the more myoglobin a meat contains, the darker or redder it looks. This is why some animals have red meat (especially livestock like cattle); while others have non-red meat (especially poultry like chicken). Typically, animals with red meat use more of their muscles for extensive activity, therefore, have more myoglobin; whereas other animals like poultry birds have both white and dark meat, wherein the dark meat is found primarily in their legs and wings — these parts are usually for more physical activity.

Sea creatures are mostly considered bloodless and thus having white meat. Swimming and floating around in the water doesn’t really require that much muscle. Other creatures like tuna, however, swim briskly for longer periods of time and have darker meat as a result.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Mon, Feb 11, 2019.


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