This is the documentary in which you can tour the universe with Stephen Hawking.

Let’s take a second to imagine how an interstellar field trip would be like. Really awesome. What if you and your friends went on a vacation throughout space with let’s say, Stephen Hawking; that would be incredibly awesome. No spoilers: it seems that could be possible in a documentary series he produced and featured in for CuriosityStream. But, unfortunately, a little bit spoiler, it is not really “real.” Whatever, its still going to be awesome. So come on, grab your gear, and let’s take a guided tour of the entire universe — and oh!, you might want to pack a lunch, too.

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Stephen Hawking: “My Favorite Places”

Now, let’s take another moment to respect one of the greatest minds of science, Stephen Hawking. Throughout the course of the recent history of modern science, his impressive contributions to our planet’s understanding of everything from our very tiny (metaphoric) position in the universe to the vast workings of reality of the universe such as black holes, is just as inspiring as awesome.

Though his legacy is mainly about his … breakthrough discoveries; yet still, it also lies in the engaging, approachable way he shared those discoveries with the public. When he passed on in March 2018, the world lost a great thinker and storyteller, but that doesn’t mean his legacy is dead, too — we can really revel in his genius today. As we mentioned earlier, there’s an Emmy award-winning documentary series he produced and featured in for CuriosityStream — the last complete series he ever appeared in is available here.

A Brief Tour Of The Universe

In … 2016, Stephen Hawking, the … award-winning theoretical physicist and author of the science novel, “A Brief History Of The Universe,” partnered with the production company Bigger Bang to produce an original documentary series for CuriosityStream titled “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places.” The Emmy award-winning documentary series is as close as to getting you a personal tour of the entire universe from the man himself as anyone can get; amid vivid Computerized-Generated Images (CGI) and dramatic sounds, the theoretical physicist files around the cosmos while on board a spacecraft known as “S.S Hawking” to explore deep space and scientific mysteries of his shared personal details about past experiences.

Image: CuriosityStream | Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places

Hawking begins with an introduction of the first episode:

“I’ve been lucky,” he says, “I have lived an extraordinary life, exploring the universe and attending the odd party or two. But imagine if I could go anywhere and see anything? That would be the most amazing opportunity of all.”

He later goes on by telling you the story about how he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) when he was 21 years old, and how it encouraged him to study something “truly worthwhile.” And then you’re off, making a risky interstellar detour at (you guessed it?) the supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, going straight through. As you inch ever closer and closer to the event horizon, he begins to explain the concept of Hawking radiation. What about a travel not only through space, but also through time? That’s super awesome.

You then travel with him through time to the very beginning of the universe, The Big Bang; while he debunk a few misconceptions about the Universe’s creation. You travel with him to our closest exoplanet and learn about what scientists believe might be on it’s surface, then make a return trip back to Saturn, maneuvering through the icy dust and boulders that make up it’s rings.

And, throughout the course of the documentary series, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of Hawking’s greatest discoveries amid fascinating sceneries of space and the incredible adventure. He later explains why he supported projects to search for signs of extraterrestrial life, and sends another spacecraft to another star (solar) system, making emphasis on his religious beliefs as you tour a nebula known as “Pillars of Creation.”

“It’s easy to believe there might be a grand design, built to allow us to exist,” he says. “But to me, such a god is unknowable. And I need to know.”

The Emmy Award Winning Series

Now, it would have seemed unfair if the documentary series had not been nominated for an Emmy Award. Fortunately, it was, and won — it was honored in 2017 with an Emmy for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction, CuriosityStream’s first (but not last) Emmy Award. This was the first installment of “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places,” and for the next two episodes, it only built upon the vivid special effects and engaging storytelling that the first established upon.

Today, you can get your own tour of the Emmy award-winning documentary, and get the amazing chance to learn some incredible mind-blowing science — by watching the first episode of “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places” for free on CuriosityStream.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Wed, Mar 06, 2019.

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