The color of your urine says more about your health than just being a yellow hue.

Have you ever wondered why your urine is yellowish? Uh! That’s how its always been since genesis, but what actually causes that hue, and why not any other hue aside hues of yellow. Well, it comes down to your health in general; but don’t get too worried, cause we’ve got good news. Your pee’s yellow color might tell you more about your health than you already knew. Let’s tackle the tinkle and talk pee!

Yello! I’m What You’re Peeing

First thing first, we cannot talk about your urine without acknowledging the most critical role it plays in removing waste metabolic substances from your body. Kudos, pee! However, the color of your urine begs another critical question: Why is your urine always a hue of yellow, regardless of whatever you ingest? It all comes down to the chemical responsible for turning your pee yellow known as urobilin or urochrome.

Here’s the story: Your body is a vast host of erythrocytes (red blood cells) which doesn’t last that long in your system. Even after they decay, your red blood cells are iron-based. Leukocytes (white blood cells) gobble up iron in your blood to keep ‘em in your body and dispose of the excess red blood cells known as bilirubin. The gut bacteria known as urobilinogen serves as a customs officer by ensuring this bilirubin in your bloodstream and escorts it out of your system through your … (we need not mention).

During urine formation, the bilirubin is delivered to your kidneys, which collects any vital nutrients that your body might need, and transform the rest into a molecule that happens to be (you guessed it) yellowish. This is what you pee out as you urinate, a process known as micturition. Whatever amount of water you have in your body can dilute this urobilin, causing your pee to look anything in a yellowish hue between crystal clear and deep amber.

Its Nice To Pee You

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Whatever shade of sunshine yellow you pee out in the toilet is a health message your body is signaling you. Here’e what Dr. Yellow says:

  • Totally clear yellow: You’ve been drinking a lot of water, haven’t you? Don’t worry about a thing. You’re in good shape.
  • Pale straw yellow: Congratulations! You won the urine award! This means you’re healthy and well-hydrated.
  • Transparent yellow: You’re still good, of course.
  • Deeper yellow: You’re normal, but you should probably think about drinking some water soon.
  • Amber or Honey-colored yellow: Thirsty? You’re dehydrated. You really to drink some water right away.
  • Neon yellow: This could be caused by excess riboflavin, which means you probably just popped a multivitamin.

Are you experience these signs of healthy urine?

You’re Not Welcome Fellow

Anything color on the yellow spectra of urine isn’t that alarming; you’re pretty much seeing yellow pee daily. There are other colors aside yellow, this isn’t an art lesson on urine. Talking about multicolors of pee, then you better pay attention if you’ve peed turquoise.

  • Orange: This could either mean you’re really dehydrated, or you have a liver or bile duct condition. You guessed it — call your doctor.
  • Brownish: You’re severely dehydrated, or something worst like suffering from a disease. You need to drink a lot of water but if this still persists, see your doctor.
  • Pink or Reddish: You have eaten or drunk anything that might have such color. This could be a sign of kidney disease, urinary tract infection, prostate cancer, tumors, or something alarming. Call your doctor.
  • Blue or Green: Unbelievable, certain rare genetic diseases can give you some interesting hues of urine. It could also be from food dye, medication, or a urinary tract infection. Call your doctor.
  • Fizzy or Foamy: Okay, this one isn’t a color, but fizziness can happen from time to time in the loo. If it’s occasional, it’s probably a harmless hydraulic effect. If foaming is persistent, it could be kidney problems or excess protein in your diet. Talk to your doctor if you’re concerned.

Have you ever experienced any of these signs before?

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Tue, May 28, 2019.


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