This is the reason why you should keep your phone in another room than your bedroom.

How do you sleep? The traditional way: shut the lights, wear your pajamas, snuggle in bed with a comfy pillow (or a teddy bear), whatever. Nowadays, most people include their smartphones — like yeah, that’s when your social media skills get super better. That awkward moment when you’re trying to fall asleep but your smartphone just keeps you awake for no apparent reason. According to research, you really need to keep your phone a lot farther away if you want a healthy and restful sleep.

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Outta My Mind, Outta My Bed

You’re not the only culprit if you keep your smartphone within arm’s reach close to your bed, or even tucked under your pillow. We’ve all been there. In a Gallup poll, about 63 percent of Americans confessed that’s their habit — maybe its high time we quit that habit. In a 2018 study published in Computers in Human Behavior, people who keep smartphones all the way in another room while they sleep enjoy a lot of different benefits.

The study’s led author, Nicola Hughes, was really moved by the whole idea, and took matters personal to look into her own smartphone addiction. She confessed that her first iPhone slowly started taking up more and more mental real estate; and after reading an article by an author who also quit using their smartphone in the bedroom. She then organized a study to really test exactly what benefits that habit might be in practice.

Bedding Without Your Smartphone

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For the study, the researcher recruited 95 participants and had them split into two groups: 49 of them were tasked to sleep without their smartphones for a week, whereas the other group of 42 were tasked to (you guessed it) keep on sleeping with their smartphones as usual. The participants who follow the ‘don’t-sleep-with-your-phone’ rule, the results were overwhelmingly positive. Even just after a week, they showed a tremendous improvement in their overall quality of life.

In addition, they showed a decline in smartphone addiction; and most of the participants later reported that they slept better, experienced less anxiety, became more happier, and even improve their relationships. Unsurprisingly, a whooping 94 percent of them decided they might even keep it up. But as for the ’sleep-with-your-phone’ team, there was nothing much gained of them.

This is not even the first (and certainly not the least) of such a study into the effects of smartphone addiction on our sleeping habits. Teens who use their smartphones overnight are more likely to experience chronic sleep deprivation, and the effects of how our electronic infested world influence the normal sleep schedule is well-documented.

How Do I Get A Goodnight Sleep?

Now that your smartphone is off limits, what are you going to do? What about a book?, better yet still, a book that you’d learn a thing or two from, might be awesome. Avoiding the screens is what’s essential to finding a goodnight sleep by ensuring that your sleep cycle (also known as your circadian rhythm) isn’t disturbed completely off the balance, which could impair your overall health.

Having to read a book before sleeping will not only refresh your mind as you sleep, but has been found that it improves your ability to recall it later

With that kind of benefit, you’d better make sure what you’re remembering is something worthwhile, and not just another silly meme. Goodnight!

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Sat, May 11, 2019.


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