This artist travelled thousands of kilometers to create a GPS drawing just to propose.

Let’s guess: you’re dating and wish to get married one day, right? Whatever! That awesome day in your life when you finally marry your significant other, hoping you’ll live happily ever after. We pray though. So do you plan on asking your boo to walk the aisle with you? Here at The Factionary, we don’t dispense relationship advice, but if you’d ever propose, would you travel your entire home country just to do so? Dear friends, meet Yasushi Takahashi, the Japanese who proposed to his girlfriend by literally traveling all across Japan just to spell out “Marry Me!”

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The Things We Do For Love

Yasushi Takahashi — also known as Yassan — is a Tokyo-based artist who was also passionate with Global Positioning System (GPS) drawings, before he embarked on that “larger-than-life” heck of a deal of a proposal. Before he performed this mega GPS proposal stunt, he had been creating GPS art with Google Earth and street view for over a decade (no wonder), and he took his passion to a whole new level by incorporating it into his proposal.

So in 2008, Yassan had to quit his job and start a journey that took him months to complete. All he needed was months traveling across Japan, Google Earth, GPS, and lots of love for his girlfriend, Natsuki — and future to be Mrs Takahashi.

Many Rivers To Cross

Image: NASA | Yassan’s GPS drawing project

GPS art is the art of creating a large-scale digital drawing by traveling with a GPS device along a predetermined route, explains Google. When the route is uploaded to a mapping tool like Google Earth, a form takes shape. Yassan made what is now the world’s largest GPS drawing in all of history.

This took a period of six months from the far northern island of Hokkaido to the shores of Kagoshima, traveling with a GPS across selected routes throughout Japan. In the long run, Yassan managed to spell out “Marry Me” as a proposal to his girlfriend across all of Japan, covering a distance of over 7,163.7 kilometers (4,451.3 miles)  — even with a piercing heart at the end. How lovely!

This amazing stunt permanently ended his name and a place in the Guinness World Book of Record for the largest GPS drawing in history. Yassan’s incredible story was tweeted by Google for such an amazing feat of innovation.

Will You Marry Me?

Image: Google | Screensnap of Yassan and his girlfriend, Natsuki from a YouTube uploaded by Google

We guess you’re now wondering if his girlfriend said “Yes!” Spoiler alert: she did. What if she hadn’t?

“It was a big surprise,” she told South China Morning Post. “I felt the greatest love in the world.” Awww!

Yassan journey was tweeted in video by Google and retweeted by thousands of users worldwide ever since. What do you think of his proposal? Let us know in comments.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Wed, Sep 30, 2020.


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