The world record for the loudest voice ever said was (and still is) equivalent to a jet engine.

Shout out loud! As loud as you possibly can. [Hearing!] We didn’t hear you. Whatever! You just can’t, or if you can, you better be louder than a jet engine, or else, you’re not going to break the world record for the loudest voice ever said. Is that even a contest? Hell yeah! Dear friends, meet Annalisa Flanagan, the living person who holds the Guinness World Record for the loudest voice ever.

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Once Upon A Loud Time

Annalisa Flanagan is a primary school teacher at Finaghy, south Belfast. Her amazing feat of becoming the loudest person in human history was not an accident but a deliberate practice toward achieving it. It is actually a genetic trait of her as that loud genome runs through her family.

In 1992, Annalisa together with her twin sister …, (like we said, genetic) started their noisy ambitions where they both entered a shouting contest where various Guinness Record entries were challenged. That fateful day, the twins managed to muster roughly 119 decibels worth of sound, with Annalisa being the loudest. That’s one bad ass larynx.

“We should have pushed it further, we could have been the world’s loudest twins,” she asserted.

However, their achievement wasn’t loud enough to entered the Guinness Book of Records as at the time. In 1994, their record was taken over by another … , as the new edition of the book included a range of stunts which included the world’s loudest shout. The genetically loudly endowed twins sought to take on the challenge.

I’m The Loudest One Alive

Image: BBC | Irish teacher Annalisa Flanagan

In that same year, Annalisa’s quest wasn’t just over, as she later entered a Citybus shouting contest to test her larynx once more. It was here that she earn her loud title and broke the world record for the loudest voice. She made an impressive 121.7 a-weighted decibels (dBA) — the equivalence of the average jet engine or a rock concert. Now that’s hellishly loud! She even ironically shouted the word “Quiet!”

“People train for years but I was just in the right place at the right time.” Annalisa said.

Don’t Shout Out Loud!

Unfortunately, Annalisa had her tonsils removed a few years later after her incredible stunt that has made her lose her record-breaking voice. But once a champion, always a champion. She now keeps her shout to the hockey pitch where her shouting is still a force to reckon with. Despite her career as a primary school teacher, she claims she doesn’t shout in the classroom — having such a record, her pupils wouldn’t even tempt her; but if she does, oh my word!

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Thu, Dec 03, 2020.


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