Here are ten horrifying websites on the internet you should never visit at all cost.

Warning: The article you’re about to read contains links to sites with horrifying information. Your discretion is STRICTLY advised.

The worldwide web is pack with tons of websites (of which we happen to be one of them). Whatever, we’re hoping you’ll stick around long enough to finish reading this article, ‘cause we’re about to reveal something shocking out of the extraordinary. You’re just a few clicks away from something really creepy the internet has to offer, and we’d advice you to stay away as much as you can. Here are ten of the most horrifying websites you should never visit. Like seriously!

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#1. Chriskta

Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, then never visit this site. This site is link with a live cam of the Catacombs of Paris, where the bones of millions were relocated from several graveyards since 1786. If there is any chance of seeing a ghost, this is your best bet. You’ll clearly see the screen of a dark tunnel with a graffiti on the wall; you might see people walk thru and fro, and as they spot the camera they’ll wave at it. As you watch, not only are going to see people, but also ghosts. You probably think we’re kidding, so here is the link, if you dare, but we advice not to.

#2. Exorcism By Annaliese Michel

Are you often freaked out by the paranormal? Then never visit this site. It has the unedited recording of a woman by name Annaliese Michel, who was believed by many to have been possessed by demons. You can listen to her horrific screaming during her exorcisms. There are 67 of these audio recordings (approximately an hour and a half) which are mostly German, but come on, you don’t need a German lesson to understand that listening to them is freaking. Would you dare to listen to these tapes? Click here if you dare, but we advice not to.

#3. Exit Mundi

You might have guessed, “Exit Mundi” means “Exit World.” This site replicates all possible scenarios on how the world could end. From a nuclear apocalypse to an asteroid impact to a global pandemic to who-knows-what will end the fate of humanity. It provides in detail what would if that scenario were to happen and the devastating aftermath. It even has in its description what would have happened in 1998 when a comet passed by Earth if it had made impact. Want to know the fate of humanity and COVID-19? Click here, but we advice not to.

#4. What Happens In A Bomb Blast

Would you want to know what happens when a nuke goes kaboom? That’s what this site does. Upon your visit, click on the nuclear weapons challenge, then the question “What Happens In A Bomb Blast?” If you even dare, select the “my location” button and you’ll find out exactly what would happen if a nuke were to detonate right where you are. A map will appear showing the extent of the fire blast, pinpointing red, orange, and yellow as it radiates; then the fatalities of people dead and injured. Would you try it, click here, but we advice not to.

#5. 1945 – 1998

This site is one of it’s kind; created by Isao Hashimoto in …, who made a terrifying video on the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization’s website. This site shows all the 2,053 nuclear detonations ever tested or used in combat in it’s title timeframe. The video has this odd beeping sound in the background as you watch, and doesn’t include that of North Korea. Who knows how many nukes they have in arsenal, than to think of how many they let kaboom? You can find out here, but we advice not to.

#6. The Bulletin Doomsday Clock

We’re sure you’re aware of Doomsday, known as the End of Days or Judgement Day to religious believers. However, in 1947, the Science and Security Board attached to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists created the “Doomsday Clock.” This is a hypothetical clock that analyzes the rate at which the Earth is being destroyed due to global factors like climate change, nuclear weaponry, and environmental degradation. The clock has been running ever since and it seems we’ll run out of time soon. How long do we have? Find out here, but we advice not to.

#7. US Debt Clock

The United States’ national debt is currently at …, we don’t know. However, this site will keep you up to date on that figure, as it’s ever increasing and changing as you take a read at it. It’s not only the US national debt, but national debt of all countries. Sounds like a “Debt Race,” with major economies further running into higher levels of debt that are simply unbelievable. The US ranks at number one. What rank do you think your country would place? Check out how your country is doing on the Debt Clock by clicking here, but we advice not to.

#8. World Births And Deaths

As you read this, someone is born, and another dies. This site lives up to its name. If there is a death anywhere in the world, you’ll see a map with a red dot, and if there is a birth, too, you’ll see a green dot on the exact location — even with the exact city, state, or country. You can toggle between the birth and death indicators: if you toggle births off, you’ll see the rate at which people die, and vice versa. It includes the increasing rate of the world’s population. If you think we’re kidding, click here to check it out for yourself, but we advice not to.

#9. Goodbye Warden

This site gives the last words of what death row inmates who were executed in the state of Texas said. The collection begun in the year 1982, with some of these last sayings being dark, ruthless and mean. Inmates sometimes plead for mercy claiming their innocent, but as you know, it’s little too late. It gets really creepy if inmates ask for stuff like what time they’re going to die, or when they say, “Okay warden, what’s next?” and you know what happens next. Click here to check out some of these last words if you dare, but we advice not to.

#10. The Homicide Count

Like the name suggest, this site is consistently updated with murder records around the world. Upon visiting the site, you can select a country from a drop-down menu and find out for yourself the murder statistics: as to number of death, by race or gender, as well as murder weapons used on victims. It displays a map that varies in terms of regions with high murder rates labeled red, and low murder rates labeled yellow. So if you ever witness a homicide in your neighborhood, you could check it up here, but we advice not to.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Fri, Jan 01, 2021.


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