Here are ten unusual stereotypical traits of geniuses they share in common.

Hey there! We guess you’re a genius. You love to read, learn quite anything, that’s why you’re here, right? So who’s really a genius? That stereotypical quirky individual with a perceived high IQ, awkward looking, and a bit of a loner who seems not to fit in. These are well-known trait for describing a nerd, or better suited, a genius. Here at The Factionary, its no wonder nerds work for us, and we’ve just sorted out the very common trait most geniuses share. Here are ten common traits of geniuses. So are you really a genius? Find out!

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#1. Open-Minded

Do you critically analyze any situation? Are you the kind that sort out different solutions from a broad range of perspectives, just to weigh in your different opposing views? If so, then you’re intelligent, and it’s not because you know everything without questioning, but rather you question everything you think you know. Most geniuses are ever willing to challenge whatever ideas they have, and would never stick with one set of beliefs, or be stubborn with one view of thinking.

Instead, they welcome all potential new and brilliant ideas, and evaluate them if they are worth considering. According to experts, intelligent individuals are slightly slower than the average person in terms of decision making. Since they are constantly thinking of new possible ideas, they find it hard settling on one idea and often waste time simply just making up their mind, or accepting a new information as fact. They just want to make sure of whatever that is before they agree to it as a “YES.”

Do you have a hard time making decisions?

#2. Night Owl

This is the most common trait of every nerd. If you happen to be reading this article late in the night, then you’re probably having a higher IQ than the average person. Research says that intelligent individuals experience a high surge of energy as night falls, and as a result tend to be at their best when the stars are twinkling. This is insomnia, and its nothing that anyone would like to have as a psychological habit, but geniuses have embraced this as their norm and are living comfortably with it.

What if you were told there is a direct correlation between having a higher IQ and a minimal number of hours of sleep per night, then you’d think about this each night before bed, and that alone would keep you up all night long. Their constant stream of ideas coupled with the burden of being brilliant is what’s keeping them awake all night. Next time you find it hard trying to fall asleep, keep in mind that you could be a potential genius who happens to be an active nocturnal being.

Do you have a hard time falling asleep?

#3. Independency

Geniuses are stereotypically perceived as being loners, however, experts say this is seemingly negative judgement, but sure does makes sense. Research says that intelligent individuals tend to have less friends than the average person, and as a result they avoid social interactions altogether; and more likely than not to be completely misunderstood by people. Rather than hanging out and making excuses for their weirdness, they tend to entertain themselves with their fascinating ideas.

And whenever their alone all by themselves, that’s when their idea-making-prowess fling into high gear, as they observe and interact with their environment and seemingly make sense of it, they get new ideas quickly. No wonder they prefer being alone, or else the universe wouldn’t find an Einstein to explain it. Next time you see someone all alone, they are probably thinking of new ideas for the cosmos. Its better you leave them alone, or better yet still don’t misjudge them for being antisocial.

Do you have a hard time socializing?

#4. Abstract Communication

If this is not the most weird trait about geniuses, then we don’t know what it is. You get into a conversation with a nerd and you’ll find a hard time trying to understand all the technicalities of their quirky minds. They often find it hard to express themselves in ways that are straight forward and easy to understand. For this reason, brainiacs find it pretty easy to communicate their ideas with abstract media like codes, gestures, doodling, singing, making art, rather than just speaking out words.

Research says that intelligent individuals are more often than less going to share their ideas among themselves rather than communicating them with others. Because of this, they often sharing their ideas in less engaging ways like singing, dancing, playing an instrument or even art, that require more intuitive ways in finding meaning to it. So next time you make friends or start talking to someone you find it hard to understand, he or she could be a genius with an abstract lingo.

Do you have a hard time communicating?

#5. Chaos

There’s a perception people generally think of when they talk of a genius — a messy hair, wrinkled shirt, dirty jeans, and pretty much out of today’s fashion. Before making any judgment about this one, there is some weight of evidence behind this awkwardly true stereotype. Despite their ridiculously awkward appearance, chaos in this respect doesn’t mean geniuses are disorganized, rather that’s a great sign of deep creativity and intelligence that certainly rules over appearance. Nonetheless!

This is not only with outward appearance. Most nerds find it hard simply tidying up anything. They keep a messed up room, they don’t: do the laundry, the dishes, sweep the floor, mow the lawn, and basically anything that needs some tidying up. This is due to the fact that cleaning up feels more like a waste of time to them rather than being creative in making new artifacts that in the end could really mess up. So if your next door neighbor is a bit of a mess, he or she might be a genius neighbor.

Do you have a hard time tidying up?

#6. Curiosity

For this one we need not say much, because you will all agree that nerds are really dang curious about everything; and that’s exactly what’s making them geniuses. Research says that individuals with a higher IQ have a deeper sense of curiosity than the average person. Thinking about why they are as such sure does make a great deal of sense, and its unsurprising that the most intelligent people on Earth are the ones who are mostly curious about the world and their place in it.

Curiosity is the reason behind why most greatest inventors in history did whatever revolutionary that they did. Einstein came up with the theory of general relativity because it takes a curious mind to delve deep into the realms of physics in order to understand the dynamics of the universe. So next time someone complains that you’re asking too many questions, tell them that one cannot change the world by minding their own business, (but don’t be rude, anyway).

Do you have a hard time being ignorant?

#7. Forgetfulness

Well, this trait might be the weirdest in this list. Are you found of easily forgetting what day of the week it is? Or are you constantly setting reminders on your phone, simply just to remember that it’s your mom’s birthday? If you’re in such a position, then either you might be developing an early phase of amnesia, or — this might be really surprising to know — it might be a sign that you have a higher IQ than the average person. Who says being forgetful was a bad thing. Huh?

Being forgetful isn’t anyone’s wish, but if you are, then you’re not so cursed than you think it is. Intelligent individuals are best known for having a lot of information and knowledge in mind, and also looking up for more space for even more, so making up space in their brains for more, simply makes them loose track of some of what they have in stock. Maybe! So next time someone nags at you for being dumb and too forgetful, don’t worry about it and take it as a compliment for being a genius.

Do you have a hard time remembering?

#8. Learn From Past Mistakes

By now, if you’ve realized that you’re a genius, then its no surprise that there has been countless times in your past that you’ve failed and have not even considered it as a fact that you’re a genius. We fail all the time, but if you entertain your fear of failure (Atychiphobia), and wouldn’t even try again, then forget it, you’re not a genius. Research says that intelligent individuals have the tendency of never giving up than the average person, and will avoid whatever’s stopping them from reaching their goals.

Throughout the course of history, most inventors who are now renowned for whatever masterpiece ideas that became revolutionary to the world, didn’t achieve that feat overnight. This took countless “trial-and-error” attempts before they had their names inked into history books for good. So if you’re desire for successful isn’t that strong enough to overcome failure, remember that Rome was not built in a day, in as much as Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb overnight. Never give up!

Do you have a hard time repeating mistakes?

#9. Focused

If you really want to achieve your goals at all cost, then you better have this trait of geniuses; and if you do, you can make whatever impossible a possibility. Most geniuses will stop at nothing just to achieve success, and it is this desire that makes them almost superhuman to focus their minds solely on whatever the task that they have at hand. Call this stubbornness, and Elon Musk will tell you that’s an understatement. Indeed, geniuses are super focused when they are at work.

Research says that intelligent individuals tend to have crystal-clear vision of whatever it is that they want to achieve, and once they fully grasp this vision in mind, nothing can stop them from making it a reality. They will put their minds, bodies and soul at work and pursue it until mission accomplished. If your friend seems too obsessed with whatever project their working despite no progress, well, you better leave them alone, he or she is probably a genius at work. Do not disturb!

Do you have a hard time getting distracted?

#10. Positive Attitude

Finally, being positive surely is a good attitude, and if you’re thinking of coming up with the next incredible super idea to change the world, well, you better be an optimist. Geniuses are said to be constantly dreaming, hoping for the best, thinking outside the box, and not easily discouraged, who are always expecting the best possible outcome in every situation. Of course, things do go wrong, but geniuses are experts at seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so there is always hope in the end.

They always have that “Why not?” attitude towards life that’s constantly feeding them with their creative ideas, enabling them to see more than what meets the eye. So, yes, go out there and be the very best of yourself if you think life is having a heavy toll on you. Last but not least, due to their positive outlook towards life, geniuses tend to have quite a great sense of humor as well. So next time you find that nerd a bit quite boring, just ask him to light up your day. You’ll be trilled!

Do you have a hard time with negativity?

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Mon, Jan 11, 2021.



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