The most disliked video on YouTube is having close to 20 million dislikes and still counting.

We hope you enjoy watching YouTube videos, and have your favorite channels you subscribe to, or you even have your own channel. Kudos! YouTube videos are streamed online by millions of subscribers daily, playing a vital role in the world of information technology, which is made possible by the power of the internet. With the ‘Gangdam Styles’ and ‘Despacitos’ topping the charts as the most popular YouTube videos in recent years, you’d wonder if there is an unpopular video on YouTube. Yes, there is. This is YouTube’s very own ‘YouTube Rewind 2018.’

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YouRewind, YouSuck

YouTube Rewind is an annually released video by the YouTube channel YouTube Spotlight, which features both celebrities and popular tubers together in a musical video. Each year, YouTube Spotlight releases a YouTube Rewind video which features trending events within the year. The Rewind videos aren’t played backwards, it gives highlights to what’s been trending within the year; hoping that YouTubers like the video upon seeing their favorite celebrities and tubers all in a fancy video.

Image: YouTube Spotlight

Uh! That’s An Awful Rewind

YouTube Rewind 2018 (also known as YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind) is an 8-minute long music video which was released on December 6, 2018 by YouTube Spotlight. The video was produced by Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto together with Finley Wise, and directed by Kai Hasson. The video featured the song The Hood Internet with celebrities like Will Smith, and famous tubers such as Liza. Upon it’s release, the video has been panned by critics, YouTubers and viewers around the world, and has dubbed the video as the worst YouTube Rewind video ever.

The video is themed around everyone being able to control YouTube Rewind, just as the theme name says, “Everyone Controls Rewind,” with personalities first describing what they want before it happens. The video starts with Will Smith announcing “It’s Rewind time,” and that he would want Fortnite and Marques Brownlee in the video. The video then cuts to Brownlee, other YouTubers and Twitch streamer Ninja in a Fortnite battle bus. And as the video play on, whatever each character says in the video happens like magic.

Image: YouTube Spotlight

Watch YouTube Rewind 2018. Link above.

Don’t Rewind, YouPlayOn

Image: YouTube Spotlight

So what on Earth is on the internet that makes this YouTube video so awful? Short answer: we know not. However, we think it’s cute. Don’t judge! The video is probably criticized for obscure trending, maybe unpopular YouTubers; or the lack of references to the deaths personalities like theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, Stefán Karl Stefánsson, Avicii, TotalBiscuit, and Marvel superhero creator Stan Lee.

The criticism could have also been because of the exclusion of famed YouTubers such as Shawn Dawson, MrBeast, and PewDiePie, as well as the most subscribed YouTube channel of all time; and popular feuds on YouTube such as KSI vs. Logan Paul and PewDiePie vs T-Series. And the list goes on and on as to why this video is heavily criticized or disliked. However, animation in the video — especially Jaiden Animations’ scene — was praised, and Will Smith’s reactions in the video has ever since become an Internet meme.

Do you think the ‘YouTube Rewind 2018’ video was a flop?

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Thu, Jan 03, 2019.


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