Here are seven things that confident people normally say and admit to themselves.

Are you confident? Do you always strive for the best no matter the situation? Or are you more likely to give up when adversity sets in? However you define confidence, its highly correlated with success; that’s what leads people to take risk and pursue opportunities. In comparison, confident people are perceived as more attractive than insecure people. Here are the kind of things you’d often hear confident people say. Let’s find out if you’re confident or not.

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#1. “I Wouldn’t Worry About It.”

Let’s say you visit a confident pal of yours and ask em what if something you’re about to do goes bad and you’ll be somehow “worried.” You’ll likely hear this kind of reassurance. This is because confident people, in general, don’t worry, at all. Whatever the outcome, they understand that anything can happen, and whether good or bad, they can deal with it. In short, they don’t lose hope. Never!

#2. “Go For It.”

Being confident is linked with a lack of anxiety, thus, a sense of optimism. Confident people always expect the positive outcome. Meanwhile, their habit of making bold decisions mean they also have the courage to temper with realistic thinking

#3. “Doing It This Way Works For Me.”

Do you know someone who doesn’t want to fit in? That’s a confident person. They don’t feel the compelling need to receive acceptance from others to conform to certain norms. This is the ultimate character of a confident person — the calm self-assurance that makes others want to follow.

#4. “Why Not Me?”

What if there is no door of opportunity for you, confident people will look for it, knock, and open it to more opportunities. This could be engaging in the right relationship, asking for a promotion or simply taking that leap of faith to the next level. They envision their future and work towards making it a reality.

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#5. “I Need To Say Something.”

Confident people are wise enough when it comes to issues of right or wrong, and yet still know when to argue or not to. With that said, they know when to graciously back down if proven wrong, because they respect the views of they’re interlocutors.

#6. “Tell Me More.”

Confident people listen more than they say, are curious to even learn more than they know, and will express a genuine interest in the opinions of others. Conversely, people who take over a conversation, brag, or always having to speak all the time have nothing to prove and are masking insecurity.

#7. “Can You Help Me?”

Let’s admit it: we all have weaknesses, but confident people aren’t afraid to admit theirs. Instead of letting their confidence overshadow their action, they rather seek assistance when they feel the need to do so. They’re more concerned with self-improvement rather than playing “a jack with all traits.”

Do you think you’re a confident person?

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Mon, Apr 05, 2021.



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