Here are a few powerful tips to help you switch off your mind in a world of noise. 

We live in a wild world today, speaking of the hustle ’n bustle in our cities, then you know what we mean, right? It’s noisy. As productive as you want to be, it seems you just can’t focus well enough on the task at hand just because … uh, there’s too much yelling around. Huh? So how do you switch off all that distraction and focus? Or how do you switch off your mind in general? Try these few super-powerful tips.

Mental Challenges

We often get busy not with what we’re doing, but rather what we think about. Yes, those streaming thoughts in your mind is simply what’s making you feel distracted. However, challenging your mind with a thought experiment might seem like the wrong remedy, its really effective. Think of it like a quick warm up before an active sport — it energizes your body before the important game, and so it is with your mind, too. Giving your mind mental challenges allow you to focus on one task and shut out the rest.

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What to do: Try solving some crosswords and sudoku, or you can check out our Instagram stories for pop quizzes and riddles to simply drill your mind.


Meditation is seen as a powerful practice to help cope with alertness. Ignoring what around and focusing on inner self reflexions is a positive way to turn off the thoughts in your mind. This might seem lazy at first, but most successful entrepreneurs confess to meditating before giving their hands on the nitty-gritty tasks. Having that single-mindedness-focus mindset is what your need to perform at your best. Give it a try and see.

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What to do: Find time to sit, relax, and have a clear vision of whatever the task is. Think it through before you start working on it.

Playing Games

Wait a second! Like what? Seriously. Playing games (especially video games) are extremely good for creating focus. That moment when you’re so infested into that Nintendo or PlayStation, and it seems no one cannot let you lose that focus. That’s what we mean. Video games are good at making you think out of the box, have a sharp mental focus, and even get you creative in the process. However, real-life games like chess and cards are also engaging enough to help you handle challenging tasks. Whatever your gaming taste are, don’t only have fun.

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What to do: Playing video games like Monument Valley and Last Voyage are good for creative “out-of-the-box” thinking; with popular ones like FIFA and PES, for good sharp mental focus.

Listening To Music

As much as you enjoy listening to music, its also an effective way of not getting distracted, too. Several studies have found that listening to music helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, and helps you focus more on any tasks at hand. Listening to music you’re not familiar to, acts on your brain as if its processing new information. This challenges your mind in the process, also the underlying reason why we listen to songs on a loop.

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What to do: Add your favorite songs on iTunes, right? No. Try listening to music genre you’re not familiar with.

Get Some Rest

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Finally, we need some rest. Yes, we all do. We learn all the time, and we must confess, we’re tired. That moment when all seems over, and you just can keep up with the hustle nor bustle of the day. You get tired, too. And it seems the only thing you can do is shut your eyes and doze away. We’ve all been there. Research even confirms that sleep deprivation can make your brain (more or less) cannibalize on itself — causing incompetency on your working attitude.

What to do: Take a nap. Simple!

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Sat, Oct 16, 2021.


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