The world’s busiest air route goes to a remote island you’ve probably never heard of.

How often do you fly? Not thinking of you as a birdie, though. We mean how often do you travel by plane. Got it! Traveling by air isn’t everyone’s favorite. You ask Ritchie Valens of ‘La Bamba,’ who was always freaked out of flying, until his fate was sealed by his phobia for flying. Hmmm! We’re not being grimm today, but routes in the sky are pretty much busy as that on the ground. And if you’re ever going en route from Seoul Gimpo to Jeju, then you better buckle up tight. Dear friends, that’s the most busiest air route in the world by far.

Welcome To Jeju Island

Jeju island is the largest and the only self-governing island in the Republic of Korea (also called South Korea). It also makes up the Jeju province located in the Korea Strait, some 452 kilometers (281 miles) south from the capital Seoul, and 97 kilometers (60 miles) away from mainland Korea. Jeju island is acclaimed as one of the natural heritage centers of South Korea, and hence tourists troop to the island just to get a glimpse of it’s sights and sounds.

The island is famous for it’s azure beaches, volcanic landscapes scattered with craters and cavelike lava tubes. Mountain Hallasanis an inactive volcano that features several hiking trails, a crater lake at it’s peak — roughly 1,950 meters (6,398 feet) high — and the nearby Gwaneumsa Temple. There are the Geomunoreum Lava Tube System that stretches over seven kilometers (4 and a half miles) long into the Manjanggul Cave which was created centuries ago when the volcano was active.

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Sounds amazing? You’d surely love a vacation, and you’re not alone.

The World’s Busiest Air Traffic

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The island of Jeju’s amazing natural and cultural wonders have forever made it a Holy Grail for tourist. And each year, there are millions upon millions of tourist who flock to the island for a glimpse. There is no direction connection from mainland Korea to the island. Like duh? Its an island. The easiest route to the island is either by sea or air. If you have a deep pocket, go for the former, but if you’re like the average joe, let’s go for the latter, fly.

En route, you can take a train to Gimpo airport, a walk to Seoul Gimpo airport, fly to Cheju, take another walk to Jeju airport, take the line 181 bus to Jeju International University, then finally take the flight to Jeju-do, the island. Feeling stressed already? Come on, this is the busiest air route. Got it! Hah! And, how long will you spend traveling from Seoul to Jeju City? A non-stop flight from Seoul, generally take roughly a hour and a few minutes. The average flying distance between the two cities is 452 kilometers (281 miles).

En Route: Seoul Gimpo To Jeju-do

Currently, the route from Seoul Gimpo (GMO) to Jeju-do (CJU) is the busiest airline route in the world. There are more than 70,000 flights each year (roughly 1.5 million airliner seats). And it’s also the only airline route with over a million airliner seats, with the route from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City falling in second place with over 40,000 flights (roughly 947,638 airliner seats).

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And, least we forget, how much will the trip cost you? Well, for you loners, a seven day round trip will cost you, on average, $1,468, for couples, it will be roughly $2,637, and a family package of four will cost roughly $4,943. For a modest hotel accommodation on Jeju Island, it ranges from $37 to $95 per night, for an average of $45. But a vacation rental home will cost you $150 to $380 for the whole suite.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Mon, Dec 28, 2020.


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