Here are ten holiday related phobias that are associated with holiday festivities.

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The festive season is on, and you’re surely geared up for the oncoming occasions. Be it a bonfire, vigil, concert, or whatever the occasion, you will get a little bit nervous. Won’t you? That awkward moment when you think of all the expectations associated with your holiday celebrations. Then you suddenly start feeling, “will things go as planned,” “who’s going to look after the kids,” “my dress isn’t perfect,” “I don’t look good in photos,” and… uh, “where’s even my damn phone?” We’ve all been there. Dear holidayers, here are ten holiday related phobias you should look out for.

#1. Fear Of Not Being Good Enough (Atelophobia)

Everyone wants to have a great time this holiday, and you’re not alone. And having the right mood for this festive season could be a daunting challenge. Especially if you don’t feel like it. That stressful moment when you’re so worried about “not being good enough” for the occasion. You’ll never be yourself. This could be about not finding the right dress, or simply scared of being judged by others. Truth is, forget the drama and just be yourself.

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Are you scared of not being good enough?

#2. Fear Of Cosmic Rays (Auroraphobia)

If you’re not around the polar regions, then you’ll never see an aurora. Let’s face it: these flashes of spectral light are formed when solar particles interact with Earth’s magnetic field. As a result, they cause high doses of radiation which interfere with radio signals. This causes bad cellular network connections — if you’re scared of losing your smartphone, too (that’s #8 in the list). These lights are often seen as bad omen by locals. However, they’re cool.

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Are you scared of the northern lights?

#3. Fear Of Being Trapped (Cleithrophobia)

This might not be a problem if you don’t have a problem with going out, then you’re good. Let’s face it: it might be winter, so the snow just piled up your causeway, or even summer, so its too hot to get a sun bath. Aside these conditions, we don’t see what’s going to cause you to feel anxious of staying in. That awkward moment when you’re freaked out about your nosy neighbors camping you in for that long holiday lectures. Or are you trapped in a closet, huh?

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Are you scared of being trapped in the closet?

#4. Fear Of Cold (Cryophobia)

This isn’t a problem if its not yet winter. Let’s face it: people in winter-prone locations are akin to this. Places such as Scandinavia, Siberia, the Arctic (or Antarctica), New England, the Great Plains, the Midwest, the Rockies, the Sierras, and of course, Canada. From the fear of getting a frostbite to your engine not starting to that awkward feeling you get when you think about the fact that “Winter is coming! Hello Game of Thrones fans.

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Are you scared of the winter season?

#5. Fear Of Decision Making (Decidophobia)

This is very common with everyone. Let’s face it: from planning your vacation to the best time to travel to what to eat for holiday dinner to what you should even wear to who knows what you’re thinking about. These are all decision making related phobias. So if you’re decidophobe — someone having this condition — you should plan well ahead in advance before you even start getting the nostalgic feeling associated with the festive season.

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Are you scared of making up your mind?

#6. Fear Of Gifts And Presents (Doronophobia)

Is this even something to be freaked out about? Whatever. Let’s face it: do you feel anxious about the kind of gifts you’re expecting from bae, or what you should also give in return? Well…, if that’s the case, you’re doronophobic — you’re scared of receiving or opening presents. This could happen if you feel shy about how to thank them in return, or simply what to give back. But don’t confuse the word for dromophobia —  the fear of crossing streets.

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Are you scared of giving or receiving gifts?

#7. Fear Of Photographs (Ipovlopsychophobia)

This might be a little bit awkward. Come on, who hate photographs inasmuch as photographers? Let’s face it: your entire family hasn’t been together for ages, and this seems to be the best time for a family photoshoot. But unfortunately, you think your dress isn’t good for the shoot; or maybe your granny thinks you’re still a 5-year-old, so she wants you to sit on her laps. Hah! We understand how you feel. Best relief: stay indoors.

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Are you scared of taking a photograph?

#8. Fear Of Losing Your Cellphone (Nomophobia)

Well…, another one for everyone. Admit it: can you live like a whole day without your phone? Never. That’s our daily dose of morphine. Simply lose it, and its like you trying to survive an alien abduction, nevertheless. Or, what if you lost your smartphone for a whole festive season. No selfies, no social media, no likes, equal anxiety and depression. Research says 95 percent of people prefer losing something else than their smartphone, and you’re no exception.

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Are you scared of losing your smartphone?

#9. Fear Of Children (Pedophobia)

Kids are these cute adorable little beasts. We’re not being rude if you have kids, but we guess you know what we mean. Kids (especially the little ones) are really terrible. Just getting them to stay put is a huge challenge this holiday season when there is no school; and being a stay-at-home nanny with ‘em is, well… you just can’t bear it. Terrible or cute, we were all once upon a time as terrible as they are. This is life, so cope with it. Period!

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Are you scared of kids?

#10. Fear Of Missing Out (Fomophobia)

Of course! Who doesn’t have this feeling? Let’s face it: what if you caught a fever and had to stay home all day, so you miss that-all-important game. What a miss! That awkward moment when you’re so anxious you’re going to miss an episode of your favorite Netflix series. And your fate suddenly sealed up. You missed it. Oh dear! We all get that after-feeling when you’re being told the highlights. So boring. Go ahead and don’t miss the fun, especially this holiday.

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Are you scared of missing out on occasions?

Let us know which phobia should we include in the list.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Tue, Dec 21, 2021.

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