Here are six things you probably clean or wash them too often, according to experts.

When was the last time you did general cleaning? Last week? Last month? Or was it last year? Whatever! There are some items of yours you’re probably cleaning very often, just because you believe the philosophy “cleanliness is next to godliness.” Believe it or not, too much cleaning of certain items might be a bad thing. Like what? Its not about how much time or energy you spend cleaning them, it could do more damage than good. Here’s a list of six items you should clean less often.

#1. Your Hair

Believe it or not, don’t wash your hair too much. But it depends on the kind of hair you have and how oily your scalp is. According to experts, there is no rule of thumb for how often you should or not wash your hair. Shampooing your hair two to three times a week seems better than your daily dosage. Too much shampoo strips your scalp of essential natural oils which leads to broken hair or even dandruff. There’s absolutely no reason at all that washing your hair is a good thing.

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#2. Your Sportswear

Of course, working out daily is a good thing, but does it mean you have to wash your sportswear to compensate? Not at all. If you often hit the gym, would it be necessary to have some spare kits to keep up with your work flow? Obviously! This is especially with your shorts, leggings, and that occasional sweater. But if you have the habit of regularly washing your clothes that often, it is important to note that your sportswear is used more often than the rest of your wardrobe. Take it easy.

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#3. Your Jeans

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This is another daily wear that gets quite dirty, but if you think you need to wash them that often, they’ll surely fade away. According to Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh, you never have to wash them at all. Period! That’s the manufacturer’s advise, or you still need a crash course? Save yourself from the stress instead. And… of course, they will eventually smell and you’ll have no choice, but don’t over do it. Wash your beloved denim jacket too much and it might lose its shape and color.

#4. Your Carpets

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This seems like the item you’ll even need to wash quite often. If you think those stains from underneath those footwear on your floor needs some cleaning, then you’ll have to do that every day. Please save yourself the stress. But if you choose to get a professional clean up job, well… those fibers can wear down, making it more susceptible to dirt. Even if you’re guessing spot cleaning, this can also strip the carpet of its color. Try some natural remedies like diluted apple cider vinegar.

#5. Wood Furniture

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People spray wooden furniture with polish in efforts to avoid cleaning it too much. Spoiler alert: you’re actually making it dirtier over and over again. These wax-based sprays for cleaning wooden furniture can build up over time, and could even attract more dust and dirt if use more often. The furniture itself is covered in lacquer anyway, so adding more of it to it seems like a dead giveaway. Save the few extra pennies for some dusters instead.

#6. Your Dishes

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Oh no, let’s pretend we didn’t mention that. We’re not talking about the traditional sponge and soap, and you doing the dishes. But that awkward moment when you waste your time rinsing and soaking with every dish wash. Let the dishwasher do its job. What’s it meant for, anyway? As recommended by experts, allow the dishwasher to disinfect the dishes. And least we forget, for the traditional method, try taking it easy on the dishes and yourself, too.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Wed, Jun 19, 2019.


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