Here are four reason why workers should welcome AI at the workplace.

When we talk of artificial intelligence (AI), people generally think we’re coming to an age where computers and bots take over from us. This is pretty much a Sci-Fi scenario rather than a real life possibility. Or is it? Whatever. The Coronavirus pandemic has thought us quite a lot — from face masking to social distancing to sanitizing to working full time from home to who knows what COVID protocols they have to observe. Indeed, its been one heck of a deal we didn’t hope for. However, from all appearances, it seems that Sci-Fi scenario might soon be a reality. Here are four reasons why intelligent automation will soon be in our workplaces.

Business In The Post-Pandemic Era

The real difference between implementing AI in our workplaces, and the stigma linked with losing our jobs to bots is well…, we’re going to manage the bots. Kinda! As there’s the need of also ensuring a robust digital workforce. As we speak, we’re witnessing the significance of robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent automation and artificial intelligence at the workplace.

And this demand is ever going to increase as most of us are now working remotely. Business leaders are now realizing the transformative potential of intelligent automation across all industries. Its not a matter of when, but how effective it would impact the workplace. Will both employer and employee benefit from this change? How long will this transformation take? And what are the drawbacks to the employee?

#1. Competitive Differentiator

The growing demand of businesses constantly meeting new restrictions is at an all time high during this pandemic era. And it seems decision makers are struggling with how to meet the growing customer demand. The good news is, 93 percent of most decision makers believe in intelligent automation as an effective solution. This has the capability of improving time and financial efficiency at the workplace. The implementation of RPA could improve effective communications, and intelligent automation could help businesses develop more working strategies.

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#2. Upswing Implementation

As at the beginning of 2020, 92 percent of businesses already had plans to roll out intelligent automation. And this is manifesting as we speak, a trend that’s here to stay for good. As many companies are now preparing for an automated business workplace, its time workers start embracing their digital coworkers. Only 33 percent of employees are still in doubt of losing their jobs to automation, with 81 percent having total confidence in the benefits intelligent automation has to offer. These times have prepared both employers and employees alike, to welcome technology as its meant to create a hybrid workforce.

#3. Adapting Workforce

This pandemic era has taught our workforce how to deal with rising challenges. As more businesses adapt new working strategies, employees are growing some level of trust in intelligent automation at the workplace. They are embracing the benefits of intelligent automation as technological prosthetics that will help them increase productivity much faster. And this transition hasn’t been “machine-replacing-human,” but rather “machine-aiding-human” at the workplace. Most businesses are even assuring employees retraining to keep up with this competition.

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And this is helping several industries cope with the challenges during this pandemic. Investment companies are applying intelligent automation to end-to-end processes for loan applications by getting funds to clients as soon as possible. Patients diagnostic processes are made faster and accurate as intelligent automation is reducing the clinical risk of most physicians. As these digital technologies are introduced, organizations ensure that their employees are retrained to adapt to their new digital colleagues.

#4. Robot Apocalypse: Coming Soon!

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The much anticipated robot apocalypse is an exaggeration. Do you still believe that bots are capable of running a business without any of us? Not at all! Nowadays, intelligent automation is making computers less sophisticated than ever before, as computers are becoming user friendlier — even if you have little technical know-how. Digital workers are capable of multitasking most human-based activities that we often waste time on. This releases us for more engaging roles. As it turns out, intelligent automation is meant to assist you at work; bots will never takeover The Factionary, ever.

Let us know if you think artificial intelligence will takeover the workplace.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Tue, Nov 23, 2021.



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