This is the untold story of ‘Morse code’ and how it works, even in the digital age.

Communication is vital to our socialization. Simply cut it off, and who knows the fate of humanity. We’ve been communicating since time immemorial, and we big brain apes have superior and clever ways in doing so than our evolutionary primates. Who could have thought that simple dots and dashes would revolutionize transcontinental communications forever. Enter Morse code. This was the forerunner to text messaging, electronic mail, and of course, social media. Dear friends, let’s tell the backstory of the ‘Morse code,’ and why we think it deserves a tip of the hat.

Whence Cometh Morse Code?


The First Morse Code Transmission


Morse Code 101


Morse Code In A Digital Age


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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Sun, Jan 30, 2022.



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