Here are the nine laws of karma, and how much influence they have on your life.

They say whatever you do — whether good or bad — will get back to you in some way or the other. This is the concept of karma, or simply the law of karma. And this seems to makes sense regardless of your beliefs. If you respect people, they will respect you in return; if you don’t, they won’t. Period! Karma sure does have an influence on you. Here are the nine laws of karma at play in your life.

#1. The Great Law

The great law is best known as the law of cause and effect. What this law implies is that, for whatever ideas or energy you send out, you equally receive in return — for better or worse. This is what people generally think of when they speak of the law of karma.

#2. Law Of Creation

They also say, don’t wish for it, work for it. Of course, don’t expect to sit there and hope and pray that wonderful things will happen in your life. Truth is, you have to make them happen. What’s required in life to keep it going on is when we’re all actively working to keep it going. Be still, and you’re dead. Sorry!

#3. Law Of Humility

The law of humility is founded on the idea that if you want to alter something in your life, you must first accept what is already there. Things don’t happen out of nothing.

#4. Law Of Growth

Fact: the only thing you have total control over is yourself. Yes, you (and not us nor anyone). All you have is yourself to determine what you become. The outside world you experience will alter and increase your inner self — your growth, development, and evolution.

#5. Law Of Responsibility

This law states that you’re accountable for everything that occurs in your life. Nobody but you are responsible for how you choose to conduct yourself. So if you don’t take responsibility for everything you do, no one will, and you can’t blame anybody, too.

#6. Law Of Connection

This law implies that everything and everyone is connected in some manner. Whatever’s happening right now is connected to something that happened before it. This led to the next thing, which led to the next thing, and on to whatever. This law supports the idea that we all share a common ancestor.

#7. Law Of Focus

Fact: it is impossible to think about two things at the same time. So achieving anything in life requires total focus on whatever that is. Simply lose focus and you’ll lose it.

#8. Law Of Hospitality

They say you have to practice whatever you preach. This implies that if you speak of selflessness, do it, if its about charity, give to others as much as you want to be given. This is all about making sure that you’re being of your words, and not being a braggart.

#9. Law Of Here And Now

What are you doing right now? Reading this article, nonetheless. It doesn’t matter if that’s what you’re really doing. This law implies that being present in the moment is, above all, the most important thing to do. Most often than not, we’re thinking of the past and what went wrong, or anticipating the future and what’s to happen. Remember that, your time is now.

Let us know which of these apply to your life.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Wed, Oct 27, 2021.


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