These are three simple steps that will make how you say ‘thank you’ more effective.

Thank you so much for choosing to learn from The Factionary. We appreciate your time and devotion and your support. Were you touched by our gratitude? If you were touched, its because we were specific with what we were thanking you for, and if you were not, well… thank you again. Being specifically honest about what you’re saying ‘thank you’ for makes your act of gratitude more effective, according to Dr Emiliana Simon-Thomas. Follow these few simple steps and make your next ‘thank you’ note a lot more effective than just being an act of showing gratitude.

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Gratitude 1-2-3


#1. Be Specific With What You’re Grateful For


#2. Acknowledge Your Efforts


#3. Describe The Benefits You Had


Thank You So Much


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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Sat, Feb 26, 2022.

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