Here are ten incredibly amazing tourist sites in Ghana you must visit at least once.

Often known as the gateway to Africa, and the first sub-Saharan country to gain independence, Ghana is one of Africa’s true success stories. Blessed with abundant resources, this West African country is a Holy Grail for tourists seeking a tropical wonderland. Ghana is certainly a tourist destination to visit. Talk of sunny beaches, amazing hinterlands, diverse culture, lively cities, and the warm welcoming citizens of the country, make Ghana the next country on your to-go-to list. Dear friends, here are ten famous tourist sites in Ghana you must visit at least once.

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#10. Cape Coast And Elmina Castles

The cities of Cape Coast and Elmina are roughly … kilometers (… miles) apart, and both cities have a rich yet awful colonial past. Elmina was the first European slave trading post in Africa, whereas Cape Coast was the former European colonial capital, and the major port during the transatlantic slave trade. Cape Coast was originally known as Cabo Corso by Portuguese gold traders, and Elmina translates as “the mine.”

Both castles are now renowned tourist attractions that welcome millions of people each year— especially diaspora members during emancipation day. The two castles are now designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Monument.

#9. Kakum National Park

From Cape Coast, travel some … kilometers (… miles) … to the Kakum National Park. This wildlife conservation has over 40 mammals species, 300 birds species, and over 600 varieties of butterfly species. Famous at the park is the infamous canopy walkway — a suspension bridge held up by strings roughly 30 meters (… feet) high above the ground. Crossing the canopy walkway is the most daring feats at the Kakum National Park.

#8. Mole National Park

Also known as the Safari of Ghana, the Mole National Park covers a savanna area of roughly … square kilometers (… square miles) in the Savanna Region of the country. Its home to several wildlife species including 100 mammals and at least 300 birds species. You can take an adventure walk or a drive through the park. The breathtaking view of elephants, buffaloes, baboons, warthogs, and antelopes makes the Mole National Park a must visit destination in Ghana.

#7. Kwahu Plateau

The name Kwahu refers to the area of a group of people who reside along a mountain range. Often referred to as Asaase Aban, or the Natural Fortress, Kwahu is the highest habitable elevation in the country. There are several things that make visiting to Kwahu a great experience. First, the scenery is picturesque, the locals are welcoming amid their annual homecoming celebrations held around Easter, and finally, mountains here are best take-off points for paragliding.

#6. Lake Bosomtwe

Lake Bosomtwe is arguably one of the largest natural lake sources in the world. Its located some 32 kilometers (… miles) south of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of the country. This crater-lake is almost 90 meters (… feet) deep, and was probably formed by a meteor impact millions of years ago. But legend has it that, ancestral spirits are sacred to the lake, regarding the lake as a deity. The lake offers amusement activities such as hiking, biking, and horseback riding aside its regular lakeside swimming.

#5. Nzulezu Village

Nzulezu is often known as the Venice of West Africa. It located near the village of Beyin some 90 kilometers (… miles) west of the twin cities of Sekondi-Takoradi in the Western Region of the country. Nzulezu is an Nzema word which literally translates as “water surface.” It is entirely made up of stilts and platforms built on top of Lake Tadane. The locals are fishers and swimming is pretty common. You’ll be treated by local gondoliers as you get a tour around the village in a canoe, similar to that experience in Venice, Italy. What are you waiting for?

#4. Manhyia Palace Museum

Located in the heart of Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana, Manhyia Palace Museum is situated within the Manhyia Palace. This is the royal seat of the Asante Kingdom. It is the former palace of the Asantehene, but was later converted into the museum to showcase the rich culture of the Asante people. At the museum is a colorful display of arts and crafts, wax sculptures of previous chiefs and queens of the Asante Kingdom. The museum offers tour guides, so don’t be worried about getting lost. Caution: Photographs Are Prohibited.

#3. Larabanga Ancient Mosque

This ancient Sudanese architectural style building is located in the rural village of Larabanga in the Savanna Region, hence the name. There’s some controversy about when exactly the mosque was built, and who even built it. However, legend says it dates back to the 15th century, and was allegedly built by an Islamic trader known as Ayuba. Other myths claim that angels descended from heaven with the mosque already built. Kinda! Whatever the real case, the Larabanga Mosque has a breathtaking site and story that keeps tourists visiting again and again.

#2. Kintampo Waterfalls

This is arguably the most visited tourist destinations in the country. Formerly known as Sanders Falls in colonial times, it is the source of the River Pumpum — a tributary of the Black Volta. It is located some 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) outskirts of the city of Kintampo in the Bono East Region off the Techiman-Tamale road while heading north. There is not just one, but another waterfall located some 7 kilometers (4.4 miles) west of the town. The Fuller Falls is also another highly sought after destination most tourists flock to.

#1. Buabeng-Fiama Monkey Sanctuary

Tucked away in the lush forest between the two farming communities of Buabeng and Fiema, some 22 kilometers (14 miles) away from the Nkoranza North District in Bono East, lies a wildlife sanctuary that’s home to two species of monkeys. These are the mona monkeys (Cercopithecus campbelli), and the black-and-white colobus monkeys (Colobus vellerosus). Legend says the monkeys are native ancestors of the villages and are revered as sacred. There’s even a monkey graveyard for departed primates. Oh yeah! Pay your hairy cousins a visit next time you stop by in Ghana.

What’s even more?

The Adomi Bridge over the River Volta and Lake Volta, Mountain Afadjato, the highest peak, Labadi Beach, Jamestown, National Museum, Busua Beach, Cape Three Points, among several dazzling cities of across the country.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Sat, Mar 05, 2022.



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