Here are five fitness tips to help you achieve impressive results as soon as possible.

When are you going to start your workout? We’re guessing somewhere stuck between spring and summer. Don’t be a lazy jack or jill. We’ve all been there. Your fitness is as important to you as your career. Just as you go to work every day to make earns meet, hit the gym quite often and you’ll live to thank yourself for it. Here’s the catch: how do you get started. Dear friends, here are five fitness tips to help you achieve impressive results soon enough.

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#1. Hire A Trainer

Starting anything seems impossible if you’re all alone. Just as a student requires a teacher, you’ll require a certified fitness trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals. This helps you expedite the whole process, against all the odds, they have likely achieved whatever goals you are trying to achieve. This might seem embarrassing at first, but a fitness trainer is not meant to ridicule your workout.

You stand the greater chance of learning all the basics and fundamentals of whatever you want to achieve. In addition to the motivation and support that comes along with the prerequisite information about what kind of fitness equipment and accessories you need to get started and achieve your goals. In the long run, you’ll feel more motivated by continuing in the process rather than bailing out too soon.

#2. Stay Consistent

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Consistency is the ultimate key to success. Period! And it doesn’t matter what your goals are, develop a routine and consistently stick with it. Once you develop that consistent attitude, what can stop you from reaching your goals? Nothing but you. This ensures that you stay focus and responsive to your goals. For instance, if you want to build your body, you should be consistent with your weight lifting regimen. And this consistency shouldn’t be with only your workout, though. You should also inculcate it into another important part of your routine. Up next!

#3. Watch Your Diet

This might seem like the least but it’s indeed the most important aspect of your fitness regimen. And like they say, you are literally what you eat. You can’t work out a bad diet, so equally feed yourself with the right nutrients and your body will be grateful. Regardless of how intense your workout is, and whatever your fitness goals are, your diet defines how you achieve your goals. Period!

Having a great diet will impact whether you’re going to be successful or not. What this means is that your body will equally reflect what you eat and your diet can either foster progress or set you back. To ensure the former and avoid the latter, you need to keep a log of what you eat and what you shouldn’t, and which foods you need to add or drop off your menu.

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Additionally, be mindful of when you are eating as well. This can also affect your performance at the gym. Bodybuilders are recommended to take in more carbs before workout sessions and replenish with a heavy protein diet afterward. This helps to speed up the recovery process once you’re done. But if you’re looking to lose some weight, munch on fruits and veggies. These are low in calories but will ensure that you safely rejuvenate throughout your workout regimen.

#4. Stay Active

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Last but not least, it is important to constantly be active in whatever you do. This is especially important if you’re seeking to lose weight. One of the biggest challenges of being obese is living a sedentary lifestyle. What this means is that, the more you spent time alone, the more likely you’re to remain inactive. So it is very important to keep yourself active — at least, walking around your neighborhood for roughly 20 minutes doesn’t sound like a bad regimen. Remaining active ensures that you keep an actively fit mindset ready for workout. Being fit requires discipline and consistency, after all.

#5. Have Realistic Expectations

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Have the right mindset is imperative to success, and so it is with your fitness goals, too. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, then you have to work hard enough to change your looks. This requires a lot of workouts, consistency, and dedication. However hard you work, don’t expect to see a change in a matter of days or even weeks. There’s a direct correlation between your realistic expectations and your consistency.

Gaining weight requires a lot of dietary intake (supplements) and several weightlifting regimens. On the other hand, losing weight requires fasting and engaging in vigorous cardio, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. If you really want to see change, be realistic. Like they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day in as much as Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb overnight. Great things take time.

What’s even more? Eat well, train well, sleep well, and repeat.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Tue, Mar 15, 2022.



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