Here are some 20 every day English words with French origin, if you thought not.

Are you an English speaker or anglophone and you ever thought French was difficult? Well, here’s something to cheer you up! You have already started your French journey. There are about 7,000 French words in English. Did you know since the French occupation of England, English borrowed a great many French words? As a matter of fact, there were as many as 7,500 such French words by estimation in English.

One third of these words are derived directly or indirectly. These words originated from the Norman or the Parisian French. Most of these words don’t sound foreign to English speakers at all. Here are 20 words frequently used English words with French origin.

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Franglophone 101

#1. Affair:

French word affair; have to do or have done.

#2. Apostrophe:

French word apostrophe; punctuation mark (‘).

#3. Boutique:

French word boutique; clothes shop or store.

#4. Chic:

French word chic; elegant, beautiful lady.

#5. Chef:

French word chef; head, chief, boss.

#6. Chapel:

French word chapelle; place of worship.

#7. Chamber:

French word chambre; bedroom.

#8. Champagne:

French word Champagne; a former French province.

#9. Fiancé:

French word fiancéfiancée; betrothed partner.

#10. Gallery:

French word gallérie; art museum.

#11. Gastronomy:

French word gastronomie; cooking or eating good food.

#12. Hotel:

French word hôtel; commercial accommodation.

#13. Identity:

French word identité; personal verification.

#14. Insult:

French word insulté; verbal abuse.

#15. Massage:

French word massage; body therapy.

#16. Metropolitan:

French word métro; urban city.

#17. Occasion:

French word occasion; an event.

#18. Omelette:

French word omelette; fried egg.

#19. Parliament:

French word parlement; legislative assembly.

#20. Souvenir:

French word souvenir; memory.

Now you are reassured you know some French already and began the learning process long ago.

Let us know if you’re a Francophone speaker.

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Written by: Lydia Anobil, Mon, Feb 28, 2022.


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