Here are eight useful tips on how you can achieve academic success as a student.

Becoming successful is the dream of every student. There are several dimensions of becoming successful as a student. One of the important dimensions is academics. It is the wish of every student to excel in his or her studies. The only way this wish can materialize is through effective learning.

Unfortunately, 90 percent of students lack this skill. Learning effectively isn’t only about reading for long hours and burning midnight candles. It is far from that. Also, there isn’t a single learning method or technique that works best for every learner. Every student has different methods that work for them. A single method is not enough to learn effectively. You must combine three or more methods for you to achieve success in your academics. Here are eight steps a student can employ to achieve academic success.

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#1. Set Long- And Short-Term Goals

Before anything can be done successfully, it must first have a broad and specific plan. The broad goal is what you would like to achieve at the end of the entire program. For instance, the class you would like to graduate with. While the specific goals are what direct and guide you towards the attainment of the broad goal. As a student, the first bold step you need to take to become successful is to set a personal target every semester or term.

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But most students do not do that. The few who set it also end up not following it. They only wish to get better grades but refuse to plan on how to achieve that. Setting goal is necessary as it motivates and keeps students going even when the student is down and wants to quit. It also makes the student focused and determined.

#2. Always Be Hopeful And Think Positive

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Being hopeful as well as thinking positively daily is a step towards the attainment of academic success as a student. Do not let poor grades let you off the track. Always look for positive views even in negative situations. Poor grades are not to discourage you. Rather, it is to encourage and remind you that you need to back up. Always note that you are not the first person taking that course hence, since others were successful, you can similarly become like them.

#3. Get A Personal Study Timetable

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Having a personal study timetable indicates a student is on the right path to success. But that is not all, following the timetable is what will make you achieve the expected outcome. This explains why many students own a study timetable but still fail because they do not follow the drafted timetable on daily basis. To become a successful student, you need to strictly follow your study timetable.

#4. Start Learning Immediately The Semester Begins

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Most students wait until they have an upcoming exam or test before they visit their books. When this happens, whatever one learns gets into the short-term memory and is bound to be forgotten easily. To attain academic excellence, immediately lectures begin, and you also start learning. When you do this, you get enough time to learn all that has been taught and even additional time to revise two to three times before the day of the exams or tests.

#5. Read Wide, Learn Wide

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Reading only your lecture notes and handouts is not enough to make you stand out academically as a student. To make the As, you must read wide but remember that what you read is relevant and related to what you are learning. Always bear in mind that the only difference between an “A student” and a “B student” is the extra relevant reading the A student does. You must read wide especially reference books listed on your course outline. Also, remember to make notes while you read so that you can revisit the notes when needed.

#6. Join A Study Group

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Do not always study in isolation. As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” Hence, join or form a study group with serious colleagues to share ideas, learn new concepts, discuss challenging topics, and build networks.

#7. Always Share Your Thoughts With Others

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Several students do not like to share what they know with their colleagues. They want to keep it to themselves to score the highest mark when a test or an exam is conducted. This is a bad habit and if you know you are one of those students, kindly desist from it.  The more you share what you know with others, the better you understand and master it. Also, as you share what you know, you tend to learn new things from others as well as gain insight into different concepts.

#8. Know The Right Time To Study

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About 80 percent of students do not know the right period that is suitable for them to study. As a student, you must discover the right moment to study all by yourself. Certain periods are not conducive for every student to study and some periods are very conducive for every student to study. These periods differ from student to student. Hence, you must find the right time to study. Some students learn best in the morning, others at dawn or evening, and some a combination of two. It is up to you the student to discover which time works best for you.

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Written by: William Donkor, Mon, Jan 17, 2022.