Here are ten movies every startup entrepreneur must watch as soon as possible.

The road to a successful career isn’t as easy as the journey is. So what’s the best route? We’re still traveling there. Care to join us? Whatever. Most successful entrepreneurs will advise not to stay glued to your television, but there are a few lessons you have to learn from watching TV. Speaking of TV, movies are still a good source of education, and a few of them seem to stand out in entrepreneurship. Dear wantrepreneurs, don’t sell your TV just yet, cause here are ten movies every entrepreneur must watch.

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Release: May 25, 2001;

Cast: … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), and more … 

DirectorChris Hegedus and Jehane Noujaim;

Production: Pennebaker Hegedus FilmsNoujaim Films; Artisan Entertainment;

This documentary film examines the rise and fall of the dot-com era. It analyzes real-life startup GovWorks which raised $60 million (adjusted for inflation …) from hedge funds like Hearst Interactive Media, the New York Investment Fund, and Sapient, among several others. There are good cautionary stories to learn how bad influences like friendships could threaten business partnerships.

Lessons: finance and budgeting, raising capital, management skills (growth and entrepreneurial), team building.

IMDb rate: 7.1

Have you seen ‘’ before?

#9. Wall Street

Release: December 11, 1987;

Cast: … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), and more … 

DirectorOliver Stone; Production:  20th Century StudiosWarner Bros. PicturesUniversal Pictures;

This movie tells the story of a practical example of the “greed is good” mantra. Bud Fox is an ambitious stockbroker who seeks to play it cold and win it hot. And as he navigates the economic rollercoaster of Wall Street, the movie touches on topics like corporate finance, portfolio management, investment law principles, and capital markets. Sounds familiar?

Lessonscorporate finance, portfolio management, capital markets, investment law principles, mergers and acquisitions, company valuations, and business ethics.

IMDb rate

Have you seen ‘Wall Street’ before?

#8. Twelve Angry Men

Release: April 1957;

Cast: … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), and more … 

DirectorSidney Lumet; Production:  Metro-Goldwyn-MayerUnited Artists;

This epic courtroom drama highlights several layers of insight on leadership, the behavioral psychology among groups, and conflicting value systems. This is certainly a must-watch movie if you want to build and work with a multi-diverse team.

Lesson: negotiation techniques, persuasion methods, conflict resolution, and consensus-building.

IMDb rate: 9.0

Have you seen ‘Twelve Angry Men’ before?

#7. The Pursuit Of Happyness

Release: December 15, 2006;

Cast: … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), and more … 

DirectorGabriele Muccino; Production:  Columbia PicturesRelativity MediaSony Pictures;


IMDb rate: 8.0

Have you seen ‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’ before?

#6. The Big Short

Release: December 11, 2015;

Cast: … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), and more … 

DirectorAdam McKay; ProductionParamount Pictures StudiosUnited International Pictures;


IMDb rate: 7.8

Have you seen ‘The Big Short’ before?

#5. The Social Network

Release: October 1, 2010;

Cast: … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), and more … 

Director:  David Fincher; Production:  Columbia PicturesSony Pictures;


IMDb rate

Have you seen ‘The Social Network’ before?

#4. The Founder

Release: December 16, 2016;

Cast: … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), and more … 

DirectorJohn Lee Hancock; Production:  NetflixThe Weinstein Company;

In this movie, learn all about the incredible real-life story of how a struggling salesman change how we eat food in the United States. This is the fateful encounter of Ray Croc and the McDonald brothers, and how they founded the most successful fast food company in the world.

Lessonstarting a business, perseverance, and scaling a business;

IMDb rate: 7.2

Have you seen ‘The Founder’ before?

#3. (Steve) Jobs

Release: August 16, 2013;

Cast: … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), and more … 

Director:  Joshua Michael Stern; ProductionOpen Road Films;


IMDb rate: 6.0

Have you seen ‘Jobs’ before?

#2. Catch Me If You Can

Release: December 25, 2002;

Cast: … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), and more … 

DirectorSteven Spielberg; Production: DreamWorks Pictures;

Can you imagine a successful person as a con artist? Based on the true story of how Frank Abagnale, Jr. managed to swindle almost every institution in the United States for his personal gains. From forging bank cheques to being a pilot to medical doctor and even passing the bar. This movie is a classic example of how being a genius is not about going to school and getting grades.

Lessonentrepreneurship skills, creativity and innovation, perseverance, business vision, personal sales techniques and entrepreneurial funding sources;

IMDb rate: 8.1

Have you seen ‘Catch Me If You Can’ before?

#1. The Wolf Of Wall Street

Release: December 25, 2013;

Cast: … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), … (as ), and more … 

DirectorMartin Scorsese; ProductionParamount Pictures Studios;

Of course, we saved the best for last. 


IMDb rate: 8.2

Have you seen ‘The Wall Of Wall Street’ before?

What’s even more? Money Ball, Office Space, Rogue Trader, Devil Wears Prada, 

Let us know any movies you think you should have mentioned.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Thu, Apr 07, 2022.

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