This is the reason why drinking camel milk is a much more healthier alternative.

Humans can boast of their ability to not only produce milk themselves but also make milk out of anything. From almond milk to coconut milk and even tigernut milk, humans have found a way to add more variety to milk products. But although the above-mentioned are plant-based, they have also managed to make good use of animal milk as well. From using goat milk for cosmetic products to cow milk for food. But an interesting animal whose milk is now gaining the name “white gold” is the camel. Now, drinking camel milk seems to be taking over.

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Its Origin

Camel milk was first produced by desert nomad tribes who used it as a source of food. These nomads could go a month without eating anything but camel milk as a means of survival in the desert.

An Expensive Mode Of Production

Producing camel milk is said to be expensive. This is because female camels mature slowly. And when they get pregnant, they go through a gestational period of thirteen months which must end in a live birth followed by suckling otherwise the female will stop producing milk.

Unlike other animals, like cows, who can be separated from their offspring and still produce milk, a camel has to share her milk between the farmer and her offspring from 12 to 18 months.

A farmer milking a camel

Nutritional Benefits

Camel milk has been proven to be nutrient-packed with nutrients like proteincalciumvitamin Cphosphorus, and riboflavin as well among others. It is considered extremely healthy with a fat percentage of only three percent and is also believed to be a healthier option for people with lactose intolerance.

With its insulin-like proteins, camel milk has been shown to lower blood sugar in people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Studies have indicated that camel milk provides the equivalent of 52 units of insulin per four cups.

A farmer with camel milk

Aside from that, some small studies have shown that camel milk has the potential of improving autistic behaviors. A study done on 65 children aged between 2 and 12 years old after drinking camel milk for two weeks revealed that two weeks of drinking camel milk led to significant improvements in autistic behavioral symptoms.

The White Gold Of Kenya

A country that has started to benefit greatly from the production of camel milk is Kenya. As many of its citizens and people around the world seek to enjoy the taste of this rich milk, camel farmers who are usually from rural areas in the country profit greatly.

The increase in demand not only because of its taste but also its nutritional benefits is helping rural farmers mostly in the northern part of the country cash out. With different parts of the country experiencing growth due to the sale of camel milk, in a few years to come, camel milk could contribute a huge part to the Kenyan economy.

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Written by: Abigail Adeyemi, Wed, Jan 05, 2022.


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