Here are five effective ways of handling and dealing with your perfectionism.

Procrastination steals time, laziness delays progress, skepticism kills faith. These traits are evil in making you slow down in your progress to achieving your goals. However, have you thought about perfectionism? This is the underdog, underrated, yet most dangerous of all productivity halters. Perfectionist might see themselves as super-productive at their job, but this well-precise skill might be harming your business, relationship, and even getting started with anything in your life. Here are five effective ways to handle and deal with your perfectionism.

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#1. Motivate Yourself To Change

Do this by learning the benefits of not being a perfectionist. What this means is that you have to do things just to get them done anyway, instead of getting them done right. This will help you get started with any tasks that needs to be done. Getting it done the right way is what’s making you become a perfectionist. For more insight, check out this post by Meg Selig, “Nine Joys of Being Imperfect,” and figure out how to overcome perfectionism by motivating yourself.

#2. Recognize Your Fears

Fear ruins your goals more than any obstacle. Perfectionism is making you feel that if you don’t get it done very well you might lose… who knows what. Most perfectionist even set high standards for themselves, and somehow feel like if they don’t reach those heights, they are being lazy at their job. You’re not. This is all rooted in the “all-or-none thinking” in perfectionism. And it has to end now.

#3. Practice Self-Compassion

Compassion allows you to learn from your mistakes instead of criticizing yourself. Being self-compassionate isn’t being weak on yourself, but hold yourself responsible for your action, and are ready to let go and move on. Practicing self-compassion lets you forgive yourself by accept that your perfectionism isn’t the right choice. You can better.

#4. Imagine “Good-Enough” Outcomes

Perfectionists often think of themselves as not being good enough. As they continue to struggle with a wide range of reasons such as, time constraints, need for rest, and any other factors that might hinder progress of not being good enough and getting it done perfectly. Having a “good-enough” mindset allows you to focus on having a positive outcome regardless of your efforts.

#5. Stop Seeking Quick Results

Early success is a scam. Period! Seeking to get the task done in time might keeping you prolonging your progress. Take it easy, pal. Success is a long-term goal coupled with countless trials and errors. Drift away from your high expectations and remember that you need to get the job done. Long-term goals are more adaptive than seeking quick results.

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing,” as Anna Quindlen states, “is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Fri, Mar 18, 2022.


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