Here are a few art from artists and the sort of emotions that went into their artwork.

A glance at an artwork comes with a rush of emotions. It could be a natural feeling of joy, fear, anger or anxiety, disgust, or visually challenging stimuli. Perceivers can connect, understand and appreciate the artist through his works. Here are a few art from artists who composed a dumpsite for their emotions.

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Portrait By Nii Hylton

The emotional tone of a piece is subjective to a perceivers’ thoughts and experiences. The purpose of art is to create an emotional artistic experience. There is an incomprehensive relationship between arts and emotions. An artist may create a piece based on how he feels at the moment, a trauma he or she went through, life experiences, or even fantasy.

Originally By Loyiso Mkise

According to Maggie Wilson, a registered art therapist and tutor at the University of Queensland, art therapy has proven very effective in allowing people to express their emotions and through the meaning of that piece find healing in their traumas. Arts have been an avenue to regulate emotions, discharging negative emotions and acting as a distraction to help suppress overwhelming emotions.

Originally By Bernard Ndichu Njuguna

There have been testimonies on how channeling their emotions into arts helped them to deal with something they were going through or bad times be it childhood trauma, loss of a dear one, divorce, or a breakup. Next time you are going through something overwhelming, why don’t you grab a canvas and paint, some clay, paper, and pencil, and channel all the energy together with the emotions into making an art piece. You never know, who could end up with the next Mona Lisa piece.

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Written by: Lydia Anobil, Mon, Feb 28, 2022.


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