Here are four steps for making better informed decisions for natural brilliance.

Being brilliant is a key component of success. So what’s brilliance? Or how do you even become brilliant? Simple enough, go to school. Where else? Whatever. According to Paul Scheele, the founder of Learning Strategies Corporation, he describes his four-step model in his book ‘Natural Brilliance’ for making informed decisions. The four step model is as follows: ReleaseNoticeRespond, and Witness.

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First, drain yourself from all forms of stress. Relaxing your mind and body promotes an optimal state for analyzing any situation. When stressed, your mind seem not to focus on anything, and your body tends to feel sluggish at work. Being stressed and tense narrow our thinking frame, thus limiting us into making ineffective decisions and poor at problem solving.

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Be aware of yourself. Be conscious of what’s happening around and within. Combine this step with the former (release and notice) and unleash your state of relaxed alertness. Here, you increase the amount of information at your disposal and are better able to choice from a rich set of options.

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Now, take action. Whatever you do now takes effect. Here’s where your actions determine your outcome. Do nothing, and nothing happens. Do something, and, ta-da! By acting you’ll have more feedback with your efforts at work. This lets you either get more information on what’s working against what’s not. And in either case, you’ll know how to plan your next course of action.

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Finally, seek expert advice on your actions and evaluate your decisions. Converse with yourself or your team about the results that you got when you acted. Decide how their feedback impacts your progress so you can proceed with the next course of action, whether you’re satisfied or need to act once again. Repeat these steps until you reach your goal.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Sat, Jan 22, 2022.



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