Here are ten reasons why you should visit this remote Korean island this summer.

The Korean peninsula is made up of the two geographically name rival countries of North and South Korea. But if you’d ever like to visit one of ‘em, its all the way down south. Here, you’re going to experience one of the most amazing people on Earth. Talk of their culture, lifestyle, tourism, and a remote island that’s the most picturesque location for your summer vacation, or perhaps your honeymoon. This island features azure beaches, a semi-tropical national park, volcanic craters, and the world’s longest lava canal. Sounds awesome? Dear friends, here are ten reasons why you should make Jeju Island your vacation choice.

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#1. Azure Beaches

#2. Amazing Seafood

#3. Alluring Massage Therapy

#4. Deep-diving Women

#5. Grandfather Stones

#6. Lava Tubes

#7. Loveland

#8. Olle Walking Trails

#9. Tallest Mountain In South Korea

#10. Volcanic Sunrise And Sunset

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Mon, Jan 03, 2022.


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