Here are some ways that would make your life easier just by using a smartphone.

Life can be pretty stressful when technology has evolved almost everything. Keeping up with technology and migrating into the tech world is much simpler than you thought. Tech works almost everywhere once you’ve got a strong WiFi connection or even a data connection. Some apps might not even require any of these. Here are ways to make your life easier with your smartphone.

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#1. Cloud Software

A cloud storage software gives you access to your documents anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t matter the device you are using. All you have to do is save your documents there. It automatically saves it onto the Internet cloud giving you access any day, anytime, and on any device. All you have to do is to login into your cloud account and off you go. There are many clouds such as DropboxGoogle DriveiCloud, etc.

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#2. Virtual Assistant

This app runs both on the iOS and Android versions. For iOS, it is Siri and for Android, it is Google AssistantAlexa for Amazon-based services, or any of the others which can be found on the Play Store or App Store. All you have to do is give simple instructions to your virtual assistant and watch it do it.

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“Hey Siri, call Mom.”

“Okay Google, what is …?”

All you need to do is allow access to all your apps and you are good to go.

#3. Caller Identification App

Are you paranoid about picking calls from unknown numbers, spam calls, or even persons you wouldn’t talk to or are avoiding? Worry no more, the caller ID apps are here for you. This app gives you the feature of displaying the person’s name and location whenever you have a call or even after the call has been made. It gives you the upper hand to choose whether to pick this call or not.

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#4. Caller Announcer

This feature or app is quite an interesting one. It announces the name or number calling. This comes in handy when you are busy and wouldn’t have to run to your phone to check who is calling. It announces your calls so you have the luxury of picking it or deciding to call back or even ignoring it.

#5. To-Do List App

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This app has the feature of allowing you to create, organize and prioritize your tasks more effectively than the traditional way of writing them down in a diary or on a sticky note. You can set a timeline and an alarm that constantly reminds you of the tasks.

Let us know which apps we should have included.

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Written by: Lydia Anobil, Wed, Apr 13, 2022.


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