Here are ten industries blockchain technology can improve in the near future.

There’s been much said about blockchain technology. It’s the “Genesis” of the next revolutionary tech innovations soon to come. Until then…, oh, its even here already. The digital ledger distribution system is the most secure cyber encryption piece of technology known, and its application is more than just cryptocurrencies — thinking of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs, huh? Blockchain technology might be in your home, your school, the mall, and could eventually help us decide who wins the 2024 Election. Of course! Here are ten areas blockchain technology could soon be applied.

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#1. Banking And Finance

#2. Cybersecurity

#3. Healthcare

#4. Record-Keeping

#5. Smart Contracts

#6. Logistics And Supply Chains

#7. Voting And Elections

#8. Education

#9. Stock Market

#10. E-Commerce

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Thu, Nov 25, 2021.


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