Here are five reasons why slowing down will actually make you more successful.

If you’re thinking of how to build a successful career, then the internet has all sorts of coaches. Talk of influencers, entrepreneurs, money-making gurus, and those 5-min-hack videos. (Where’s Khaby?) They all seem to spread the word “Hustle,” hustle, even harder today than you did yesterday, go faster, and that sounds motivative enough. But truth is, working harder isn’t the same thing as working smarter. Here are five essential reasons why you need to take your time and slow things down if you really want to be successful.

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Hustle Hard Vs Work Smart

Most entrepreneurs are working way too hard nowadays simply because they don’t want to feel lazy at their job. If you’re working like 80 to 90 hours a week on your startup, you’re not alone; but never confuse “hustling” hard with “productivity.” Don’t take working as the results you need. It isn’t. You really need more time to reflect on yourself well enough than you think; find time for leisure like trips, fun, family and friends, and your significant other, too.

The catch? You pretty much exhaust yourself with all that hustle for “nothing.” Why? Are you successful yet? [No?] Then take your time to be successful rather than pressuring yourself there, because you will be the one reaping all those benefits someday. Take it easy, pal. The remedy to the “Hustle Hard” attitude is slowing down. Sounds crazy, huh? This is the key difference between your success or failure, or your thriving or burning out.

#1. You Get More Clarity

Confusing yourself with hustle for productivity could lead you in the wrong direction. Most often than not people work tirelessly down a path that won’t give them the results they want. It is just like running on a treadmill… you’re working, but you aren’t going anywhere. Cos 90? Slow down and take your time for more clarity. You’ll see where you’re going if you’re walking rather than running. You’ll see clearer if your beam of light is focused well enough in a direction.

Here’s what to do: Regularly “check-in” on your productivity for the week. Find time to reflect on your intentions, assess your challenges or opportunities, and track your progress work. Remember to measure results over time worked. Think about what’s working, what isn’t, and where to focus more time and energy. This way, you won’t burn yourself out for anything.

#2. You Make Better Decisions

There is a pretty good chance that a single decision can undo all the work you’ve invested in. Like seriously? Of course! Think of your mind as a car engine. Step on the accelerator too much and the engine will redline, overheat, and break down. Slow down the pace, and you’ll get there, eventually. In reality, slowing down ensures you make time for rest and meditation. This lowers your baseline for mental fatigue. The best decisions aren’t made in a hurry but made when we take our time. Get it! So take it easy.

Here’s what to do: Identify all the reasons why you rush into decision-making and consider the benefits described above. Pinpoint one decision you’re struggling to make. Try slowing down with it and how that goes, and then try more. This will actually help you take your time before making that decision (and later decisions, too).

#3. You Harness Your Emotions

We think we shouldn’t let our emotions get in the way of our work. Truth is, it’s not true. Most people fail to see the benefits of their emotions. Think of your emotions as an inventory of all that’s happening in and around you. Successful people are pretty good at managing their emotions, making sure that they understand theirs and others as well. There’s a mantra that sums this up well: “If you can name it, you can tame it.” That’s emotional intelligence. Slowing down lets you take charge of your emotions as you work towards your goals.

Here’s what to do: Take some time off your work and reflect on how you feel. What are your emotions telling you? Are you stressed? Do you get excited about your career? Do you feel like you’re going to succeed or fail? Marinate on your emotions and assess if you’re in the right mood.

#4. You Hustle Even Better

Hustling hard doesn’t mean your working 24/7, rather you focus your time on working on what’s working even better for you. If your ambition is to succeed, then you should give more time for your mind, body, and soul to stay healthy at all costs. What’s the price? Your patience. That’s it. This gives you the advantage to work smarter instead. Now that’s “hustle smart.” Wow! This means you now have enough time to do things that you think are unproductive, but it isn’t.

Here’s what to do: You should find time to practice meditation, exercise, cooking, reading (of course), journaling, or even cozying around a bit. You have 24 hours per day, and so does Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, and Kanye West, now Ye. If they all practice these things, so can you, too. Ease down the pressure on yourself and rejuvenate.

#5. You Tell A Better Story

Confess it: This is something you really look forward to someday. Telling your success story like a fairytale. We all want to get there. But why are you in such a hurry? Hurrying up to do so makes the story too short, and not inspiring enough. Taking your time with the process ensures you get more clarity with your thoughts. Think of it just like watching a movie in fast forward… get it? You miss all the action. Telling your story someday will be like hitting the “slo-mo” button just to enjoy the thrilling moments.

Here’s what to do: Do all the above.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Sun, Jul 25, 2021.


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