Here are ten YouTube channels that will make you smarter than going to college.

There’s this meme on the internet that goes like, “YouTube is not a career,” a teacher says to a student. “Um… I don’t think so,” the student thought to himself. A few years later, that student is making six figures off YouTube. Huh? YouTube might not sound like a career choice, and no teacher nor school is recommending you to go into YouTubing. But come on, do you want to learn how to make six figures? Not only can a YouTube channel make you rich, but smarter as well. Here are ten infamous YouTube channels that will make you smarter than going to college.

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#10. Vox

Creator: Vox Media since 2014; 

Subscribers: 10.7 million as of June of 2022

This is the most talked-about channel in terms of interest. Vox talks about everything from the easy-to-digest news to the forgotten nuggets of history. Make this channel your #1 spot for learning interesting stuff.

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#9. Ali Abdaal

Creator: Ali Abdaal since 2018; 

Subscribers: 3.06 million as of June of 2022

Ali Abdaal is highly recommended by lots of users, and it seems none seems to share with us what’s awesome about the channel. But here’s what Abdaal had to say about the channel.

“I’m a Cambridge University medicine graduate, and on this channel, we create content that helps people lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives with the overall aim of helping people do more of what matters to them.”

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#8. The Huberman Lab

Creator: Andrew Huberman since 2021; 

Subscribers: 1.15 million as of June of 2022

Learn all about neuroscience from Stanford University professor Andrew Huberman as he digs deeper into (you guessed it) neuroscience and science-based tools for basically everyday life.

Dr. Wendy Suzuki: Boost Attention & Memory with Science-Based Tools | Huberman Lab Podcast #73

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#7. Coin Bureau

Creator: Guy Turner Bio since 2019;

Subscribers: 2.07 million as of June of 2022

Coin Bureau is the most frequently and enthusiastically mentioned crypto channel out there. There are tons of recommendations for this channel then we can count.

“Unlike 99 percent of the crypto YouTube channels, it is like an online university,” claims @_learntoinvest“No BS,”he added.

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#6. SmarterEveryDay

Creator: Destin Wilson Sandlin since 2007;

Subscribers: 10.4 million as of June of 2022

The name of this channel says it all. It’s been a highly recommended science-focused channel by several scientists alike.

Blake Hodge says the channel is “one of the best for all sorts of topics, mostly science-related … nearly 10 years of content.”

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#5. Veritasium

Creator: Derek Alexander Muller since 2017;

Subscribers: 12.1 million as of June of 2022

Science is really interesting, so join the most recommended science channel with physics teacher Derek Muller, Ph.D. as he makes physics less stressful than college.

Veritasium is one of the best for physics,” Divyang Patel strongly insists, and almost every subscriber.

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#4. Eddie Woo

Creator: Edward Kent Woo since 2018;

Subscribers: 1.49 million as of June of 2022

Math nerds would love this channel. If you’re struggling with math or simply want to beef up your skills. Australian math teacher Eddie Woo got you covered.

“Eddie Woo explains math fundamentals [in a] great way!” raves Raj Vadheraju.

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#3. Talks At Google

Creator: John P. Kotter since 2013;

Subscribers: 1.75 million as of June of 2022

Talks at Google are dedicated to teaching … 

Chintan Chheda declared the eclectic channel his favorite. It is particularly a great channel for learning about investment.

Dr. Jordan Metzl | A Prescription for Healthy Movement | Talks at Google

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#2. Kurzgesagt

Creator: Philipp Dettmer since 2013;

Subscribers: 18.7 million as of June of 2022

Kurzgesagt is a German animation studio that 

… recommended the “bite size and visually pleasing explanations of hard topics and big questions.”

Another user described their videos as “optimistic nihilism.” Let us know what that means, please.

The Day the Dinosaurs Died – Minute by Minute

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#1. CrashCourse

Creator: John Green and Hank Green since 2012;

Subscribers: 13.5 million as of June of 2022

CrashCourse is our favorite. As a matter of fact, Factionary founder and CEO confessed that he was addicted to CrashCourse more than anything.

“CrashCourse taught me everything I didn’t understand while I was in school. It instantly became my new school. I owe The Factionary to CrashCourse,” he recounts.

What’s new with Crash Course

(Fun fact: Did you know that CrashCourse was the inspiration behind the creation of The Factionary?)

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Mon, Oct 04, 2021.


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