This is what you’ve to learn from tech entrepreneur Ric Elias’ plane crash experience.

Imagine a big explosion; imagine the engine of an airplane making an unusual sound. Seeing the flight attendants’ terrified eyes and hearing the three unemotional words in the world, “brace for impact,” made the passengers think that life was over. Well, that was a scary and unforgettable event etched on the memory of Ric Elias, a distinguished speaker at a Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) talk event. Though the plane crashed, Ric Elias was a survivor and spoke about the three important things he learned during that horrific incident. Here are three lessons you should learn from his story.

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#1. It All Changes In An Instant

We all have goals and people we would like to reach out to. Unfortunately, we let procrastination get the better, thinking we have more time. Give up the habit of procrastination and develop the habit of getting things done in the shortest possible time. That sense of urgency and purpose will give meaning to your life.

#2. Refrain From Wasting Your Time On Things That Don’t Matter With People That Matter

Image: Ric Elias (@RicElias) / Twitter

Reflect on all the relationships in your life, like those with your spouse, siblings, children, and others. Choose to keep your ego in check and eliminate negative energy from these relationships. You will not be perfect, but you will be much better and happier. Choose to be happy rather than always wanting to be right.

#3. Be A Good Parent

Give your kids all the attention and support they need to become who they are destined to be. Be there for them in the good and bad times, ensuring trust between both parties. In short, being a good parent involves providing love, and support, setting boundaries, being a positive role model, fostering open communication, and spending quality time with children. It means teaching them right from wrong, encouraging their interests, and helping them grow into confident and successful individuals.

Life is a gift, and those who have it must cherish it. You don’t have to go through an experience to change your mind about certain things since you can always learn from the life of others. It’s funny how we attend school and read all kinds of books to achieve our academic goals, but we often fail to learn from the life of others.

Please don’t wait till something unfortunate happens; Ric Elias was fortunate to be given a second chance, and he started living differently after that experience. You may not get a second chance because tomorrow is never promised. Value your relationships and choose to be happy.

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Written by: Kwaku Boachie Fosu, Tue, Feb 02, 2023.


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