Here’s how ‘The Batman’ was denied its most important nomination at the 2023 Oscars.

The Academy Awards is one spectacular event that movie lovers and film stars look forward to each year, and 2023 is no different!

The unveiling of the nominees’ list for the 2023 Academy Awards had got fans talking because The Batman,’ one movie that breaks the mold, received a shocker!

Although brilliant in conception and execution, ‘The Batman’ only earned nominations in three minor award categories — “Best Makeup” and “Hairstyling,” “Best Sound,” and “Best Visual Effects.”

However, the producers of the superhero film are of the opinion that ‘The Batman’ was denied the most important nomination — “Best Original Soundtrack.”

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Why ‘The Batman’ Deserved The Nomination

Over the years the “Best Sound” nominees at the Oscars also get nominated for “Best Original Soundtrack.” This time around, ‘The Batman’ was barely even considered for this category, even though it was nominated for “Best Sound.”

Why this has caused so much stir is that ‘The Batman’ had a piece of new music, which was brilliantly scored by Michael Giacchino, contributing immensely to its success.

Image: The Batman / Warner Bros. Pictures

The Matt Reeve-directed movie, no doubt deserved a nomination for “Best Original Soundtrack,” compared to films like Babylon’ which had not so good reception, but received nominations for major awards like “Best Picture.”

Even though other well-deserving films like Aftersun, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio,’ were also absent from the category, for ‘The Batman’ to get three nominations, fans still consider it a good feat for a superhero film.

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Written by: Gloria Aimanehin, Wed, Feb 01, 2023.

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