Here’s why Filipinos eat more pork and will not cease to make irresistible meals out of it.

Visiting the Philippines? We bet you would notice the Filipinos’ love for food, especially pork meat, a traditional delicacy for everyday meals, community rituals, and celebrations.

With six meals a day — breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a snack after every meal — pork delicacies remain top on the average Filipino menu to go with the staple food rice and any other side dish.

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If It’s Not Pork, It’s Not Meat

Famous among the several pork recipes are the Pork Adobo (pork braised in vinegar and soy sauce), Lechon Baboy (roasted pork), Paksiw (pork prepared in vinegar and water with little garlic and pepper), and Sinigang (pork stew prepared with tamarind).

Regardless of the chosen recipe, Filipinos know how to give different twists and spices to their pork meals, and are known for butchering a whole pig for every special event.

Why Do Filipinos Eat More Of Pork Than Chicken, Fish, And Beef?

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(Fun fact: Do you know the Philippines is the 10th largest consumer of pork in the world?)

Filipinos will choose pork over any other kind of meat any day anytime because it is easy to get in the local markets and very affordable compared to beef. Many families even choose to rare these pigs in their backyards without using so much space.

Pork is always the go-to preferred dish in the Philippines. No wonder the mantra “in the Philippines, pork is king.”

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About The Irresistible Pork Adobo

The Filipino Pork Adobo is pig meat prepared in soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic. It can also be cooked with chicken, beef, and fish.

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The Pork Adobo is prepared in different styles depending on the region of the country.

While some regions prefer to cook theirs with chicken slices, others will go for additions like potatoes, boiled eggs, or fried tofu.

So won’t you rather visit the Philippines? If yes, do not hesitate to explore their irresistible pork meals!

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Written by: Gloria Aimanehin, Fri, Jan 20, 2023.


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