Here are five simple ways you can improve upon your mental health and well-being.

Mental health is a very delicate health issue you talk about. This is because medical experts have a say that every individual has a mental health problem that when not managed well, will escalate to severe mental health conditions. Here are some simple ways to help you have good mental health and well-being.

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#1. Regular Exercise

Of late, exercise has begun a part of modern life as there have been many established gym centers scattered all over. Exercise can be done in an internal enclave such as homes or gym centers.

It can also be done externally. People choose to exercise in groups or individually. Any of the methods adopted is very good for your mental health. Exercise not only enhance your physical health but also your mental health is inclusive.

According to scientists, exercises increase your blood circulation to the brain, hence controlling your mood and response to stress. Having a routine of moderate exercise to the extent that you can still talk but not sing will reduce depression. If you hardly exercise, we encourage you to be exercising to improve your mental health.

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(Fun fact: Did you know that all members, directors, and employees of The Factionary are required to work out at least 100 minutes every week?)

#2. Sleep

One of the greatest natural medicine in life is sleep. How long do you sleep in a day? Do you meet the required sleep hours by medical experts — thus eight hours? If you can’t have that time of sleep then you are endangering your mental health. After long and stressful hours, all you need to relax your mind and body is to sleep. During long sleeping hours, all parts of the body repair themselves.

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#3. Drinking Water

The human body has about 70 percent of water. When an individual dehydrates, it harms the person because the body needs water to function well. Dehydration affects our mental health. Our brain is made up of about 73 percent water which helps to make the brain function well.

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When you take less water, the brain does not function well causing mental problems. Therefore you need to take in at least eight glasses of water to help your brain function effectively.

#4. Socialize With Friends And Family

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Another way to improve your mental health is by socializing. You have to find time in your busy schedules to interact with friends and family. Have time to share some part of your life or even your problems with people you can trust.

There is an adage that says “A problem shared is a problem halved.” Share the problems that make you think a lot and always stress you. You might get help to solve it.

#5. Go On A Vacation

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Vacations are very important in releasing our stress and refreshing our minds. Most of the time, we get busy in search of money for survival. Once in a while, you can take a break from all these life troubles and go on a vacation. It may be an international trip, a local trip or even going to tourist sites. One very simple place to go and get better mental health is by going to a beach. The refreshing waves and breezes help to refresh our minds.

Whenever you feel your mental health is negative. You may try any of these or more to better it.

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Written by: Joseph Mensah, Sat, Feb 18, 2023.