Can you honk your horn in town? Here are some fun facts about New York City.

The most famous city in the United States is arguably New York City. Currently, the population of New York City is over eight million. But do you know how the city distinguishes itself from others in the US or even the world? Well here are some that make it so.

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#1. Originally Known As New Amsterdam

Yes, these New York facts are starting right at the beginning! Did you know that New York City was, at first, not New York at all? The original name was New Amsterdam as Dutch settlers were the first to arrive in the area around 1624. But in 1664, the English took over and renamed the city in the Duke of York’s honor.

Not only that, some of the most iconic New York places had original Dutch names. Wall Street was Waal StraatHarlem was Haarlem, and Brooklyn was Breukelen.

#2. Birthplace Of LGBTQ+ Rights

In 1969, the police raided a bar called Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village. It was a haven for people in the LGBT community and instead of submitting, they fought back. The event spurred riots and a worldwide movement that makes New York City one of the friendliest queer cities to this day.

In fact, more people identify as LGBTQ+ in New York than in any other American city. Though, is anyone surprised that New York City is so welcoming to people of all backgrounds?

#3. New Yorkers Speak More Languages Than Anywhere Else

No list of interesting facts about New York is complete without mentioning the city’s diverse population. As a collective, the city’s citizens speak around 800 languages. Almost half of New York households speak more than one language and one-third are born overseas.

And because New York has the biggest population of any American city, one in 38 people in the US are New Yorkers. We’re spoiling you with all these extra facts about New York City. But we know you will agree, New York would not be New York without its plethora of cultural influences.

#4. Honking Your Horn Is Illegal

We promise these facts about New York City are 100 percent true, but we understand why this one sounds made up. Because if you have ever sat in the back of a yellow taxi cab in traffic, you know New Yorkers honk their horns.

But unless it is an emergency, drivers are not allowed to make excessive noise. That law also includes car alarms and the New York Police Department (NYPD) can issue fines of up to $350 for offenders.

#5. The First Pizzeria In The United States 🇺🇸 

One of our favorite fun facts about New York has to be about food. The first pizzeria in the US opened in New York City in 1905, as certified by the Pizza Hall of Fame.

Lombardi’s Pizza on 32 Spring Street is still going strong and it is now one of around 1,600 pizzerias in the city. New Yorkers have noted that when the price of subway tickets goes up, pizza does too. They call it “the pizza principle.”

Now, if someone could convince Lombardi’s to revert to their 1905 pricing of five cents a slice, there would be some very happy subway riders.

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Written by: Joseph Mensah, Mon, Mar 06, 2023.


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