Did scientists find ‘Nimo’? Here’s the discovery of new species of butterflyfishes.

Year in, year out, scientists in their study of nature discover new creatures. This time around, scientists from the Kyoto University Museum in Japan have discovered a new species of butterflyfishes Coradion from the Australian waters.

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Finding Nimo II

This new species Coradion is in the family of Chaetodontidaethus part of the butterflyfishes we have. According to Sci-News, the discovery of Coradion is reported in a paper published online in the Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.

“Coradion was established by Kaup in 1860 for Chaetodon bennetti and Chaetodon chrysozonus,” said Kyoto University Museum researcher Mizuki Matsunuma.

According to Sci-News, “The genus is diagnosed by a relatively short snout; brush-like teeth with thickened lips; dorsal-fin spines; fewer than 60 scales in the complete lateral line, ending at the caudal-fin base; and no supraorbital horns.”

Also in Indo-West Pacificthree species of Coradion have been discovered. These are the Coradion chrysozonus, Coradion altivelis, and Coradion melanopus.

There’s Another Fella

Another species, Coradion calendula is found in northwestern and northern Australia, at the northern Cape York Peninsula, in the Torres Strait. The Coradion chrysozonus and Coradion calendula feed on sponge tissue and benthic invertebrate — flora and fauna found deep beneath water bodies.

Source: Sci-News / Coradion Altivelis

The Coradion calendula inhabits the deep water of roughly 130 meters (… feet) depth on the North West shelf. Scientists expect to discover more of these butterflyfishes in the coming months.

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Written by: Joseph Mensah, Thu, Feb 23, 2023.


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