Here are the top ten African islands you should consider on your visiting list.

We all want, need, and deserve to escape to an island to get away from the hassle — hustle and bustle of city life. Some couples like to visit a romantic destination where they can soak in the sea, sun, and beautiful island beaches, but when we think of a perfect island getaway, our minds immediately go to the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Of course, we pay no attention to the African islands.

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The Isles Of Africa

Africa is one of the most stunning continents in the world with many countries, cities, and numerous beautiful Islands for holidays, vacations, or honeymoons. The African continent offers idyllic islands with crystal clear waters, a diverse range of flora and fauna, breathtaking beaches, warm oceans, luxuriant wildlife, vibrant cultures, and everything you need to feel at home.

From Mauritius to Seychelles, here’s a list of the most beautiful islands in Africa. They make for an ideal getaway and vacation destinations. Africa’s spectacular islands are true paradises and they deserve to be on everybody’s bucket list.

#1. Mauritius 🇲🇺 

Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island known for its beautiful lagoons and beaches. It also has a large area of rainforests and wildlife for those who enjoy the outdoors. There are a variety of upscale hotels and cabanas where one can live and enjoy the best of Mauritius.

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Visit the island’s food markets and sample a variety of foods, as well as enjoy shopping on Mauritius’ streets, but make sure to see the giant water lilies and China Town while you’re there. This is one of Africa’s best vacation spots.

#2. Seychelles 🇸🇨 

The pristine and picturesque islands of Seychelles are located more than 1,500 kilometers (… miles) east of Kenya. Seychelles is a republic comprised of over a hundred different islands, all of which are ideal for diving and snorkeling.

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This beautiful island is home to some of the world’s best fishing grounds. Easily one of the best island getaways in Africa, as well as a top fishing destination. Quiet landscapes with a seaside resort that has its own distinct charms. Discover them from Mahé to Praslin to La Digue and have an unforgettable experience.

#3. Madagascar 🇲🇬 

Madagascar, one of Africa’s most popular tropical getaways, truly ticks all the fantasy island boxes. Luxury sandy beaches, turquoise waters, rainforests, reefs, and exotic animals can all be found here.

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There are numerous beach activities and water sports available, including diving, snorkeling, and surfing. It is the world’s fourth largest island, and tourists come to enjoy the island life of Madagascar. However, due to climatic conditions, it is not recommended to visit between January and March. It is without a doubt one of the best island breaks in Africa and the world.

#4. Zanzibar, Tanzania 🇹🇿 

Zanzibar entices by its long, beautiful beaches and towering palm trees. The main island of Tanzania’s Zanzibar archipelago is located on this island, which is rich in both history and culture. In addition, Stone Town is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site.

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Zanzibar, one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, is home to several lively coastal resorts. Zanzibar has a wide variety of delectable fruits and foods. You can find a variety of eateries to satisfy any craving. Enjoy outdoor pursuits like biking, going to the park, hiking, and beach hopping as well as delicious African-Arabic fusion cuisine.

#5. Cape Verde Islands 🇨🇻 

Cape Verde, also known as Cabo Verde, is a ten-island cluster that reigns over lush landscapes. A beautiful archipelago off Africa’s northwest coast. Cape Verde exudes brooding beauty as it floats on the Atlantic Ocean’s luxurious sandy beaches.

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Creole Portuguese-African cultural experiences pique the interest of nature and authenticity enthusiasts. This is one of Africa’s best vacation spots. As a result of its tropical climate, visitors can go there year-round. attracting visitors with its luxurious beaches.

6#. São Tomé 🇸🇹 

São Tomé Island is the largest island of São Tomé and Príncipe, an island nation with a Portuguese-speaking population that lies off the western coast of Central Africa and spans the equator. There aren’t many tourists on the island, so visitors can snorkel and dive in undiscovered waters and take their time strolling through the peaceful fishing villages. Other activities include visiting a chocolate factory and drinking some of the best coffee in the world.

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#7. Mohéli, Comoros 🇰🇲 

The smallest of the three African islands that make up the Comoros is Mohéli, also referred to as Mwali. It has few modern conveniences and is undeveloped, wild, and sparsely populated. It also has the Comoros’ only national park, Mohéli Marine Park, and snorkelers hoping for colorful coral reefs will not be disappointed. The park protects sea turtles, dolphins, and whales.

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#8. Djerba, Tunisia 🇹🇳 

Djerba is the largest North African island, located off the coast of southern Tunisia. It has lovely sandy beaches as well as a tranquil and quiet landscape. It is one of the few localities in Tunisia where the Berber language is still spoken. The village of Ajim served as the setting for the exterior shots of the first Star Wars film, Mos Eisley, in 1977.

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#9. Lamu Island, Kenya 🇰🇪 

Lamu Island is located in Kenya’s Lamu archipelago. Lamu Old Town, the island’s major village, is one of East Africa’s oldest and finest maintained Swahili settlements. The village is made of coral stone and mangrove wood, and it has interior courtyards, verandas, and intricately carved wooden doors. Only alleyways and trails serve as the island’s roads, therefore there aren’t many cars there.

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#10. Réunion 🇷🇪 

Located east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius, the closest island, Réunion is a French overseas territory with a population of about 800,000. Though Portuguese, Arab, and Swahili sailors all made port calls on the island, it was the French that settled it in 1665.

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Réunion is comparable to Hawaii in that both are located above hotspots in the Earth’s crust. Piton des Neiges is the highest point in the country, rising 3,070 meters (10,070 feet) above sea level.

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Written by: Ileanwa Obeche, Mon, Jan 30, 2023.


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