Here are five traveling tips to help you properly pack a suitcase before you step out.

Traveling is one of the most patronized activities across the world. Whether it is to visit family or friends, for studies abroad, for tourism or work, you will agree that you will need to travel and one of the most essential items for travel is a suitcase. Packing a suitcase can be a chore for so many people because it is a lot of stress and most people end up not packing properly and leaving certain essentials behind. In this article, we will help you become better at packing a suitcase by sharing some traveling tips to help you.

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#1. Make A Packing List

It’s easy to think you will remember everything you need to pack, right? You trust your brain so much to recall everything until you get to the airport and remember you forgot to pick up your passport. Now you have to go back and get it which will mean you’ll miss your flight and have to pick the next one.

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Making a list will save you from this. List out everything you plan to carry along on your journey, and then you may eliminate some of the things if you want. Making a list will make sure you don’t forget anything.

#2. Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes saves a lot of space in your suitcase. It allows room for more clothes to be packed into the same space as compared to folding clothes which will occupy more space and allow you to pack fewer items.

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#3. Bring Travel Size Toiletries

There is really no point packing your big bottles of shampoo and lotions when you’ll be gone for about a week. They will only occupy more space and prevent you from adding a few more important stuff. A prudent tip is to purchase little travel bottles and fill them with your shampoos, soaps, and lotions to help you save some space a create more room.

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#4. Put Things Inside Your Shoes

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Yes, you read that right. What’s all the space in your shoes doing anyway? They serve no benefit so why not stuff some socks, underwear, or sunglasses in them? Do this and place the shoes into resealable bags to protect surrounding clothes. This will surely save you a bit of room.

#5. Wear Your Shoe That Takes Up The Most Space

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Still, on shoes, we know how much space they can occupy in our suitcases. Aside from stuffing small clothing items in your shoes, you can also wear that shoe that takes up the most space. Just place that shoe aside and pack the rest of your shoes. On the day of travel, wear that shoe and you’re good to go.

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Written by: Rashida Eyram Gyimah, Tue, Jan 17, 2023.


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