Here are eight astronomical events to look out for in the second fortnight of July.

This month remains vital in astronomy. A forthright ago, we witnessed the wonders of the moon, several conjectures, and well…, awaiting to witness more spectacles. The last two weeks in July are packed with many cosmic events. Here are some events that will occur in the second fortnight of July. Kindly read more about these events.

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The New Moon

New Moon will occur on Monday, July 17. What this means is that there is a new lunar cycle. It also means the Moon will not be seen in the sky at night. This is when the Moon appears in between the Sun and the Earth. It will occur at exactly 14:33 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) during that day, and its clearest observation will be seen at night.

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The Moon At Perihelion

On Tuesday, July 18, the Moon will be at perihelion. On this day, the Moon will be in its closest orbit to the Sun. It will be at a distance of  146,740,551 kilometers (91,180,351 miles) 0.9809 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun.

Moon And Mercury Conjunction

On Wednesday, July 19, there will be a conjunction between the Moon and Mercury, the first and closest planet to the Sun. The closest distance approach between the Moon and Mercury will occur. The Moon and Mercury will appear in their closest alignment ever in July.

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Moon And Venus Conjunction

Apart from the Moon and the first planet’s conjunction, there will be another special astronomical event that will occur in July will be on Thursday, July 20. The Moon and Venus, the second planet to the Sun, will be in alignment when observed.

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Take note of this event and experience the Moon and Venus at night from Earth.

Moon And Mars Conjunction

Did you know when the conjunction of the Moon and Mars will occur in July? It will happen on (you guessed it) Friday, July 21. Were you able? The Moon’s orbit to Mars will appear at the closest distance ever in the month. They will have very close proximity to one another.

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Make it a date to observe this astronomical event.

Moon At First Quarter

The Moon in its first quarter occurs when the Sun’s ray shines on the Moon to the extent that only half of the Moon is seen in the sky. During the daytime of Tuesday, July 25, you will see in the skies that the Moon is halfway. This half moon will appear in the evening to the night.

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Venus And Mercury Conjunction

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This conjunction will occur on Wednesday, July 26. On that day, these two planets, Venus and Mercury, will be in the friendliest mood ever in the month. They will be in the closest approach in their orbit. It will occur mid-morning from 10:00 GMT till later in the next hour.

The Moon At Aphelion

Can you guess when the Moon will reach its aphelion? Well, it will happen on the last day of July.

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After the month has completed its full rotation of the Earth in its orbit, that’s when it will reach its furthest point from the Sun. It will be 147,578,299 kilometers (91,700,903 miles) 0.9865 AU in distance from the Sun. Kindly watch out on Monday, July 31 to experience at night the Moon’s aphelion.

Stay tuned for more astronomical events.

Let us know if you witnessed any of these events!

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Written by: Joseph Mensah, Sun, Jun 18, 2023.


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