Here are some five incredible facts about Tokyo that make Japan worth visiting.

How well do you know about the Japanese capital? Also, what have you heard about the city of Tokyo, and what makes it famous and stand out from other cities in Japan? Well, here are some of them that make Tokyo worth a place for tourists or migrants.

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#1. Tokyo Was Once Called ‘Edo’

Did you know the 18th century, there was no place like Tokyo in Japan? The city of Tokyo was called EdoIt was a very small village. Edo was famous for fishing. This village was founded in 1603. As years passed by, Edo became the seat of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

In the late 19th century (1890), ‘Edo’ was named Tokyo meaning “Eastern Capital” during the Meiji Restoration. It has been the capital of Japan since 1868 but some members in cities such as Kyoto do not see it as such.

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#2. Tourists Do Not Pay Tax While Shopping

Tokyo is seen as very expensive and therefore many tourists do not add it to their places of visit. But hey! Did you know that when you are a tourist, you do not pay taxes? Yeah, all you need to do is to go to a licensed grocery shop and spend just over ¥5,000 ($34.50), and take your passport along indicating that you came to Tokyo on a tourist visa and you will be spared from paying any tax. That’s quite awesome.

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#3. One Of The Safest Cities In The World

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Tokyo is a very densely populated city. Tokyo is a very busy city to be in but despite all these, Tokyo is a very safe city to live in. Yeah, it is very safe for locals, migrants and tourists. It is very difficult to hear of crimes in Tokyo. The people of Tokyo are very disciplined. It is very unlikely for you to be stolen in Tokyo. So far too safe for first-timers to have their way about. Tokyo regularly features at the top of lists discussing safety or low crime rates.

#4. Tokyo’s Metro Station Has Anti-Suicide Lights

Apart from Tokyo being too safe for tourists, it also has a means to save lives. In an attempt to keep people alive, Tokyo has designed a metro station that has anti-suicide lights. In 2009, Tokyo authorities installed blue lights at every train station in a bid to prevent suicides.

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After this installation, by the year 2013, a scientific paper revealed that suicide rates had fallen by as much as 84 percent. This feat is very impressive. The blue light at the metro stations brings people going psychological stress even to the extent of contemplating suicide to a moment of relaxation at a faster rate.

#5. Tokyo Has A Robot Hotel

Are you tired of the treatment provided to you by the service in the hospitality industry by humans? Do you want to try something extraordinary, then Tokyo is the place to be.

Did you know that Tokyo has a hotel operated by a robot? Yeah, it is called Henn Na HotelThis state-of-the-tech hotel is located in Ginza, Tokyo, a place known for numerous department stores, boutiques, high-tech electronics, hotels, art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, and cafe shops.

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The Henn Na is the first hotel in the world run by robots. The robots can carry your luggage. Henn in the Japanese language means “to change.” The hotel has keyless locking and entry rooms which is done through facial recognition. It also has a free WiFi.

Going through these amazing facts and more that Tokyo offers, when you are on your next flight to a beautiful city, do not forget to make it to Tokyo.

Let us know if you’ve been to Tokyo yet!

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Written by: Joseph Mensah, Sun, Jun 26, 2023.


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