Best Friends In The World: Here’s a must-watch that teaches about friendship.

The scripted Nigerian teen series about the transitional stages in adolescence, friendship, and love, was first premiered on Neptune3 Studios’ YouTube channel on July 14, 2018.

Written, directed, and produced by co-founders of TripleJplus and Neptune3 Studios, Jesimiel, and Jemima Damina, ‘Bestfriends In The World,’ is devoid of sexualization and is strictly focused on overcoming dissipation, creating self-awareness amongst teenagers, and taking them through a journey of self-discovery.

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Best Friends In The World

Jeiel Damina, co-founder of TripleJplusNeptune3 Studios, and youngest of the Damina sisters, plays Olive Rebecca Lane, (the main female lead) a self-righteous young woman who believes in standing up for others regardless of the circumstances surrounding them. She is strong-minded, confident, exceptionally brilliant,  the darling of her mum and teachers, and the envy of classmates. Aside from all these qualities, one mistake nearly ruined her entire school year.

Supporting her as the second female lead is Inemesit Essien Alfred, who plays EstherOlive’s female best friend. She is quite blunt, book-loving but not studious, a very hilarious and supportive friend who is aimed at becoming a journalist. She is on the right path to dealing with body shaming comments about herself, loving herself more, and being the best version of herself.

Emmanuel Esiet plays Adam, the main male lead and Olive’s male best friend in the series. He is calm and composed, brilliant and studious, and a great writer as well, who is trying hard enough to handle the pressure from home and his feelings for Olive. As composed as he is, he nearly loses his friends following some silly decisions he made.

What Are Friends For?

If minding your business was a person, it would be none other than David. This character was played by Wisdom Kingsley. A confident, music-headed but average student who is so unbothered that whatever issue it is has anything to do with Olive. After becoming friends with her, they had the best platonic relationship ever. He is the leader of a music group, David and the Kings.

Romeo, a smart, strong-headed, hardworking young man who is unmoved by what he is going through at home and how hard he has to as an employee, a big brother, a prefect, and the best student in his class. He is by far the best big brother who would go to any lengths to protect his siblings, especially the annoying but brilliant one, Gloria who won a scholarship to study in the same school with him.

Oh, and lest we forget, he is every girl’s crush in the school, at least, not until David came into the picture. He hated being called by his real name, Mboutidem Thompson, he’d rather stick to Romeo. He seemed to be a playboy until he met Olive. This role was played by 23-year-old Israel Henry.

Friends In Needs Are Friends Indeed

Have we told you about Mr. Ben? Certainly not. A quite timid, yet amazing class teacher who would go the extra to ensure the safety and serenity of his students. Gradually, he overcomes his timidity and becomes the best version of himself. Miracle Eboumbou played Mr. Ben in this series.

Maria, the new girl. A brainiac, smart enough to challenge Olive. Even with her good grades and seemingly friendly nature she only gained friends through pity parties. She became a desperate loner after the friends went back to whom they belonged. Amazingly, she becomes friends with the best friends in the world and falls in love as well. Gift Etim played this role.

Played by Emmanuel Nse, Archie is a smart but naive young man who is on a journey of self-discovery. After meeting Esther and being elected the class prefect, he overcomes his naivety and handles every situation perfectly.

Robert, played by Christian Peterside. He is Maria’s crush and Adam’s friend who is best at landing his friend from one trouble to the other. An average student who seems carefree until you get close to him.

Iris Azuka, the eldest of the identical Azuka twins. Quite stubborn and a rich spoilt brat who would choose money or her ego over friendship. She gives up on being a bully after becoming the deputy head prefect and starts acting a little weird out of jealousy when she falls in love with Romeo.

One Million Views

It is not surprising that almost all their episodes hit one million views in less than a week because the cast played their roles effortlessly and effectively and most people, viewers especially, wondered if they had been acting for ages. Most of them in a Q&A with their fans explained that they made their debut as an actor/actress in ‘Best Friends In The World.

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Written by: Dorothy Efua Dadzie, Wed, Jan 18, 2023.


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