Here are ten mind-blowing facts about Albert Einstein you didn’t know about.

Whenever we talk about a genius, this man is revered as being a genius. German theoretical physicist Albert Einstein is considered one of the greatest scientists — if not the greatest of all time. But little do we know about him, and one would easily think that a man of such great intellectual prowess had a perfect lifestyle to match up with his achievements. But as it turns out, Mr. Relativity was quite the opposite of your stereotypical perception of what you thought he was. Here are ten mind-blowing facts about Albert Einstein.

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#1. Coincidence Of His Birthdate

Born on March 14, 1879, in his hometown of Ulm, Germany, his birthday coincides with the Pi number (3.14) — a figure that’s infinitely longer than you can count. British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, coincidentally, died on the birthdate of Einstein in 2018.

A baby Albert Einstein

#2. Considered To Be Mentally Retard

As a child, his family thought he was mentally retarded. Doctors notice immediately after his birth that the size of his head was bigger in proportion to his body than the rest of the other babies. They said he was “mentally handicapped.” One of his teachers even told him that he wouldn’t become anything. And the rest became history.

#3. Inabilities To Speak Nor Read As A Child

Einstein had quite several developmental challenges growing up. He wasn’t able to speak properly until he was five years. This was at dinner with his family, when he uttered the words, “soup is too hot.” His parents were suddenly amazed. He started reading at age seven.

Image: Albert Einstein Instagram | photograph of a five-year-old Albert Einstein

#4. Forgetfulness

Believe it or not, the genius had a very weak memory. He will easily forget virtually anything such as names, dates, telephone numbers — even his telephone number. Once a colleague asked for his phone number and as he was searching for it, his colleague asked why not remember it. Einstein said why does he need to remember a thing which he can easily find in a book. Weird?

Here’s another story: Once he was on a train to somewhere from Princeton. Aboard the train, the conductor comes to Einstein and asks for his ticket. He then proceeds to look for it, in his pocket, his books, his portfolio and even searched all around him for it. The conductor told him that he knew who he was and shouldn’t worry about it.

The conductor proceeds to check the tickets of the other passengers, but Einstein was still searching for his ticket. The conductor again told him not to worry about it. But Einstein replied that without the ticket how would he know where he was going. That’s genius!

#5. Referred To As A “Lazy Dog”

As you know, he was already thought of as mentally retarded, and wasn’t particularly good with academic studies. His math professor Hermann Minkowski even described him as a “lazy dog.” This was something most people told him often.

Albert Einstein in his middle ages

#6. No Haircut, No Socks

Einstein’s messy hair is bar none his most iconic feature. The genius never liked haircuts right from his childhood and throughout his life. He also never wore socks. He recounted that during his childhood, as the toes of his feet got taller, his socks got torn. So he avoided wearing them altogether. He also didn’t dress up properly against anyone — albeit friends or strangers.

#7. His Sleep Routine

Speaking about his lazy habits yet again, he slept quite a lot. Often sleeping for as long as ten hours straight. He claimed that this way he can spend enough time actively and do his work efficiently. Snuggle in bed for more than ten hours and you might discover your inner genius, too.

#8. Anti-Racism, Anti-Nationalism, And Against Nuclear Proliferation

He was very outspoken about his dissatisfaction with racism, nationalism, and the use of nuclear weapons. Einstein was blacklisted by the Nazis for speaking against the nationalist party. For this reason, he sought asylum in the United States. Before World War II, he studied nuclear reactions, their properties, and their applications. This was when he wrote a letter to the United States government advising against the use of nuclear energy in warfare. But the US government took advantage of his ideas and we know what happened right before WWII ended.

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought,” he asserted, “but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

#9. The Mystery Of His Brain

What’s eerie? Myth: the size of his brain was larger than the average person. Fact: he had a normal-sized brain just like all of us. Here’s the catch: after his death, doctor Thomas Harvey removed his brain for analysis without the knowledge of his family. For this reason, the doctor was fired. Einstein’s brain was kept in a jar for over 20 years for studies. Research showed that there were more neurons and neural networks in his brain than that of the average person — a testament to probably why he was so intelligent. What’s eerier? His brain was later stolen. Like seriously!

#10. His Success Formula

Finally, you’re wondering what might have been his secret to success, or maybe he had a success formula. Throughout his life, most young people will often ask this same question. Once a student asked him, and… did you know what Einstein said? “Diligence!” That’s his success formula.

What’s even more? His love for science started at early as seven. He loved animals, also got into fights at school — and even attacked a teacher.

What else do you want to know about Mr. Relativity?

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Sat, Apr 09, 2022.



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