Here are three books by African writers you should add to your reading list in 2023.

Every year, people make resolutions to read more books. We’re here to help make that happen by recommending three African books you should read. African writers have in the past been relegated to the back by readers across the world.

Quite recently, readers are catching up on the awesomeness of many African writers. If you’re looking to add more African writers to your reading list, here are three books by African writers you should consider reading.

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#1. ‘Honey & Spice’ By Bolu Babalola

Honey & Spice’ is Bolu’s debut novel and second release following the release of her short story collection Love in Color‘Honey & Spice’ is a blend of comedy and romance with an interesting plotline topped with a few spoons of passion. You would absolutely love it.

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#2. ‘Africa Is Not A Country’ By Dipo Faloyin

This book breaks all the many stereotypes surrounding the African continent while providing great depth into Africa’s rich culture, history, and current realities. Not only is it an informative read but an entertaining one as well.

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#3. ‘On Rotation’ By Shirlene Obuobi

The Ghanaian-American novelist, physician, and cartoonist tell us the story of a medical student Angie Appiah, a high achiever who ticks all the “perfect immigrant daughter” boxes until it falls apart.

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She quickly finds out that life and love can surprise you when you least expect it. A captivating and intriguing read, ‘On Rotation’ will leave you wanting more.

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Written by: Rashida Eyram Gyimah, Tue, Jan 17, 2023.


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