This is why most intelligent people spend more time alone, according to science.

Hey there! We’re going to guess a few things about you. You’re smart, you love learning quite anything, and you’re a bit of a loner, right? Truth is, if the latter is correct, then chances are you’re more intelligent than the average person. Science says people who socialize less often tend to be more smarter than the regular partygoer.

You’re Not A Loner

People who socialize more often usually tend to be happier — albeit friendships, relationships, connections, and spending time with people — and it does make sense. Obviously! However, there’s this awkward stereotype that says the higher your intelligence, the less social you tend to be. And that’s completely true according to science.

In a 2015 study published in the British Journal of Psychology, researchers followed up on participants aged between 18 and 28 with varying personality traits. They wanted to test this hypothesis, and as it turned out, they found the more most of the people socialized, the happier they were. But people who were identified as being “intelligent” were quite the opposite. The more they socialized, the less happy they were.

You’re Dang Smart

So why is this weird stereotype true? Researchers explained this with several theories. They started with the savanna theory of happiness. This theory suggests current consequences of a given situation affects life satisfaction as much as ancestral consequences.

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They focused on two varied factors that characterized the differences between ancestral and modern lifestyle. These were population density and the frequency of social interactions. The theory predicted that population density was negatively associated with the satisfaction in life, whereas frequency of socialization with friends was positive.

Another theory is evolutionary, and it states that the smarter you are, the less you adapt to the modern world for social benefits like security, shelter, protection, or even acceptance. Intelligent people tend to care less  (not careless) about these instances. This explains why smart people tend to figure out how to solve problems rather than being handed the solution. In short, they fend for themselves.

Another was aspirational: this suggests that the smarter you are, the more focused you tend to be. This is the reason why most intelligent people focus more on long-term goals or work on projects, rather than spending time with friends which can be distracting instead of helpful.

And You’re Not Antisocial

In summary, don’t assume that if you’re not hanging out with friends you’re smart, neither does the opposite says otherwise. This study was entirely hypothetical, but it may be only directionally accurate. Of course, you could be a loner, and not super smart, however, this isn’t typical. So if you’re often bored with going to parties or making conversations, instead of developing a project, or simply learning from The Factionary [cough, cough], don’t call yourself a loner nor antisocial. According to science, you’re smarter than the rest.

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Written by: Nana Kwadwo, Sat, Jan 22, 2022.